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Exercise whilst you housework: Mumentum!

I am not going to pretend that this week has been a good week; scones with clotted cream and jam, chocolate mousse, (Liska you know what I am talking about – see here if you don’t!), pasta dinners, a wedding and birthday party food does not equal a healthy week.

Additionally, the exercise running idea did not really materialise! I have been busy…seriously, really busy!

So this got me thinking about exercise and my lack there of, and I started wondering if what I did during the course of my day counted, because honestly I am non stop. So I  stumbled across the NHS of all people telling me how housework can help tone me up. Well, I thought to myself I do that everyday, so how can I improve on this? Here’s how!

Warm up!

So apparently dusting is a good warm up, it s slower, get you moving and they suggest to groove to a little music whilst doing this.


I have selected a few I think are the ones i am most like to use, but look at this page for more!

1. Vacuum cleaner lunges

This works your upper back, legs and bottom muscles!

As you lunge forward, tighten you muscles, extend slowly for a good stretch and then bring back. The resistance of the hoover will also add to the strength.

2. Laundry squats

This targets legs, thighs and bottom

This is where you squat to pick up your laundry or load in and out of the washing machine. You have to keep your back straight and your heels on the floor. One squat for every piece of laundry you load or pick up! I can feel my bum toning just thinking about that! 

3. Scrubbing the floor

This targets your arms and mum tummy.

The idea is you do it by hand and not use a mop! Ok so this is harder work but that’s the idea right? Plus at least you are achieving a job whilst exercising. If you do really big circles and stretch forwards whilst holding you tummy in, you will work all those muscles. I tried this and my tip is not to forget to breathe! 

4. Making the bed

Targets the whole upper body!

I have been literally exhausted after making our bed…I actually dread doing it and I can see why now. The whole process requires lots of energy. The putting on and off of the duvet and sheets burns calories, so if you have just treated yourself by eating some chocolate, make yourself feel better by stripping the beds and making them up and then you have achieved another job and burnt the calories of of your treat…bonus!

5. Ironing

Targets shoulders, arms and buttock muscles. 
For this you need to squeeze your bum cheeks together hard for 10 seconds (Mother from the heart, this will be great for you, because I know you love ironing!) Do this 10 times every couple of minutes. it will really tone up your bottom.

Cool down

Do some all round stretches to cool down! 

I did another google search and found that…

Calorie Counter – per hour 

Hoovering – 193.7
Ironing – 113
Washing the floor 193.7 (and this one is based on using a mop!)
Bed making – 136
Laundry – 143

This makes me feel brilliant. apparently us mums do on average 16 hours of cleaning a week! That is a lot of exercise if we start to utilise its positives! Give it a go…I know I will! 

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