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Earth Friendly Baby products Review and Giveaway!

I have a real obsession love for baby products. I think it is because they remind of the baby stage and I love that broody feeling. It is like a natural high for me, so when I was asked to review some Earth friendly baby products I jumped at the chance. In my family a bath is not a bath without bubbles; I do wash their hair everyday because I love to sniff their heads and there is no such thing as too clean!

I was sent:

  • Earth Friendly bubble baths – one chamomile, one lavender and one Mandarin scent
  • Earth Friendly Body Washes and shampoo –  one chamomile, one lavender and one Mandarin scent
  • Earth Friendly Baby Wipes
  • Earth Friendly nappy sacks

Bubble baths

The bubbles baths surprised me to begin with. Instead of the thick syrup like consistency you expect with a bubble bath, this had the viscosity of water. I did not quite believe that it would bubble. It did bubble brilliantly and you actually don’t need much at all, but due to it’s runniness it is quite easy to use too much!

The smells were beautiful and are all organic. The lavender is perfect for a pre bedtime bath to get them (and you) into that sleepy mode. My favourite however was the mandarin scent. It was so refreshing I could smell it on them in the morning after a nights sleep.

My husband would often dunk into a bath after the babies, but he is very sensitive to baby products for some bizarre reason so he had stopped doing it as his skin got very itchy. We decided to put his sensitivity to the test (the poor Guinea pig) and he did not find he was itchy at all after use of the Earth friendly products.

Earth Friendly Baby Products Multiple Mummy

Bubble Bath

Priced at £6.12   per bottle

The body washes

These were you typical consistency. Again the smells again were lovely and organic but the brilliance of these were as a shampoo. My daughter and her brothers had a little episode with the sudocrem – needless to say it ended up everywhere and in all their hair!

Earth Friendly Baby Products Review Multiple Mummy

Little Madam testing out the Sudocrem

Although it did need a couple of washes (as the stuff is almost waterproof) the cream did come out. We were very impressed! Additionally no tears or upset at all with the hair washing.

I too have taken a liking to the body wash – I do smell like a mandarin but I love it!

Earth Friendly Baby Products Multiple Mummy

Body wash and shampoo

Price £4.08 per bottle

The baby wipes

These  baby wipe are  100%   biodegradable and are   made   from   material   derived   from   wood   pulp   and   starch   making   them   kinder   to   the   environment.  I found them to be very soft and kind to the skin, and used them to take my eye make up off also! I am a bit naughty at grabbing a baby wipe to do that. They are priced at £3.05 a packet which makes them slightly more expensive than your average packet. When you get through them like I do, unless they were on offer I could not afford to buy them even though they are kinder to the environment. Ironically with the amount I use with three kiddies I should be using them and helping to do my bit the finances just could not stretch to this.

Earth Friendly Baby Products Multiple Mummy

Baby Wipes

Nappy Sacks

I thought the roll was great and so much easier to use than the pull out the packet types. They are also 100% biodegardeable and are unfragrenced. I thought this would put me off but actually if you have put the nappy in a sack you can throw it straight away you don’t really have to cart them around often. I think plastic bags are one of the worst items for the environment so i would definitely use these again. They are more expensive but I think the benefit on this occasion wavers the price.

Earth Friendly Baby Products Multiple Mummy

Nappy Sacks

Price £1.79 per packet


The bubble baths and the body wash were a complete hit. They smelled lovely, they were kind to the skin, and they last a long time – you get a lot for your money. The baby wipes were a little expensive for such an everyday essential item but I have no criticism of the product itself and the nappy sacks I felt are my start to being more environmentally aware. I really think the baths products would also be a fabulous baby shower or new baby gift!

You can buy Earth friendly baby products online, and from most Waitrose stores.

You can also find them on facebook!

So giveaway time!

You can win an Earth Friendly Set – this will include

  • a packet of baby wipe
  • a bubble bath (in your chosen scent)
  • A body wash (in your chosen scent)
  • Plus some red clover diaper care

To enter you can

  • Subscribe to my blog by RSS, email or GFC
  • Tweet ‘I want to win Earth Friendly baby products on @MultipleMummy’s blog ‘

Each action will gain you one entry. You must leave me a comment telling me what you have done! Also tell me the scent you would like! Please leave me a way of contacting you.

Good luck!

Note: The competition closes on Wednesday 24th August at Midday. It is open to UK residents only. The winner will be drawn at random and Multiple Mummy’s decision is final. The prize cannot be exchanged for anything else or monetary value. If you do not reply within 1 week of being notified of winning, the prize will be drawn again




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