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Do Spellings and Typos Annoy you?

The pressure is on when it comes to my spelling, as many of my friends, colleagues and hubby are from the teaching world. Despite being a teacher myself, I will admit my spelling is appalling! My best friend (who is an English teacher) will confirm this and so will my husband. In fact he would never want me to write anything in his name in case people thought he could not spell!

I think it stems back to  primary school where it was never really corrected and so I have since got into bad habits! I have to check everything, and constantly had a dictionary at my side whilst in the classroom. To be honest it was good for the students to see I was not shy to check and they liked the fact I had a weakness, that I tried to overcome.

To my shame I don’t have a dictionary at home (something that I really must remedy), and so the checking situation is more difficult. Particularly if you don’t know what you should be looking up. Timing is also another issue. Writing on here is definitely my release and I enjoy it so much but I don’t have the time to check, check and check again, and anyway I always seem to read it as I want it to sound!

I spell check, but sometimes the spellings are American, or sometimes they just don’t pick things up. Typo’s are even more annoying. Every time I go back to re-read a post after I have published it I notice another error. Ahhh it is driving me mad. I do correct it (especially when pointed out by people which is even more embarrassing and then I just get all defensive!) and I am trying my hardest. But please bare with me. Hopefully my grammar and spelling will improve from all my writing. (My spellings may never improve!).

It is funny because now with texts and twitter of only 140 characters a tweet, things like C U l8ter and other short hands could become the language of the future. I actually hope not – I do love the written word, I only wish I could spell most of it!

List of words I spelt wrong before I checked this!

So tell me, do spellings and typos annoy you? Do you constantly proof read, or check any work you do? What are your tips? Or do you think it doesn’t matter. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this one!

(P.S If you notice any further errors in this that you would like me to amend then let me know! )

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14 comments to Do Spellings and Typos Annoy you?

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    I am known to pick at peoples spelling and grammar and am horrified if I make a mistake myself. I have only just gone back to a post I wrote, where I missed out a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence. I know I make mistakes as we all do but I hate it. I do hate bad grammar or people being lazy. I have to say I never noticed anything with your posts! What's wrong with particularly?? am I missing something? :-) x

  • multiplemummy

    Oops think I might have corrected that one by accident – see I am learning! It was spelt like this first; particularlary! (Yes I know!!)

    It is nice to say you have not noticed! Feel free to let me know if you do! x

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    While we're on the subject you spelt amend wrong. Likewise please correct me! x

  • multiplemummy

    All amended!! He he I wonder why this did not come up on spell check! See if you don't know it's wrong how are supposed to find out?

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Yes it should have picked it up, maybe it's the American way of spelling it. My Mac always tries to correct s to z, grrr x

  • IpswichMummy

    It's typos not typo's 😉

  • multiplemummy

    Thanks. Fixed! The use of the apostrophe is a whole other ball game!

  • Justine

    I have dyslexia and i am currently writing about this very topic its taking me ages (because it just does lol) but also as it is quite personal. I hope people do look past it, just think to me your posts will always be right even if they are wrong!
    just x

  • Helen

    "What are youR tips?" 😉

    I'm dyslexic myself but dislike bad grammar. But my hate for mistakes in spelling is more to do with text speech and the like. I hate people who use it in blog posts, in Facebook and sometimes when I see a text message full of shortened terms I freak out! SMS have pretty big limits these days, specially compared to Twitter's 140 limit, the one place I let stuff like "u" instead of "you" pass me without wanting to scream and pull my hair out.

  • multiplemummy

    Seriously, you have no idea how many times I have read this and your still finding errors! It's incredible. I have never been tested for anything like dylexia (although my brother has it.) I really do think it is bad learned habits. I am really going to have to be extra careful from now on. I was always a literature girl (A*), not language!(B) Lets me down every time! Sorry lovelies.

  • Hayley C

    I tend to notice errors as I read however I think that is professional habit! I am pedantic but more with grammatical errors – in your blog (and others I read)I think you need to treat them as a flow of consciousness rather than a finished essay or piece of literature – I love your blog and always feel that you're giving an insight into your lives and I love the way it feels like we're having a chat – Other people's facebook status updates – now they drive me crazy!

  • multiplemummy

    Thanks Hayley,

    That is very kind.x


    I'm terrible for correcting my posts and spelling, I always go back & correct (if I notice), I'm not so good with apostrophes and where to use them so I tend to miss them out where possible, and if I'm not too sure on something like 'bare with me' – is it 'bare or bear?' I have even googled that one – I tend to change it & write something else. One thing that does annoy me is the misuse (or is it mis-use or mis use???) of their, they're and there! But I'm sure others will get annoyed by my over-use (overuse, over use???) of exclamation marks!!!!!!

  • multiplemummy

    Thanks Hayley,

    That is very kind.x

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