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Day 9 and 10 – Potty Training

It has been such a busy weekend that all eyes were off the ball really. My Mum turned up with the very glamourous looking chair potty; voila!

Noah….not impressed! He has now decided that he prefers the red one!

On Saturday I was out all day but my husband told me he managed to get one wee in the potty and one number two!

Today we had lots of people over and BBgot very shy. So I decided to not make a big deal about things. He had a couple of accidents and then after that he kept hollering for me that he needed a wee. Now although we missed every wee (mostly because I was always in a different part of the house at the time and by the time I had found a potty that always seemed to be moved from where I had it before and got to him the event was over) but he willingly still sat on the potty and he had called me! I am hoping that tomorrow we can start to channel this a little more, but we are having our first outing to the zoo without a nappy, but I cannot be caged any more! We shall hope for the best.

I have also decided that I think I may be more of the problem, I am making such a deal over this I need to chill out a bit more. I need to take the positives and just think he will get there in his own time. I am not working, there is no rush, it is only clothes.

So hopefully with my new relaxed attitude, I shall rub some positivity onto Noah.

Starting to think the potty diaries might be longer than the 14 days I hoped for!

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2 comments to Day 9 and 10 – Potty Training


    I love that little potty, I'm wondering if I can get one with Mickey Mouse on to entice Jack…
    It's great that you are so positive & relaxed, this must definitely help Noah be relaxed about it too.
    Keep going, you're both doing great!

  • multiplemummy

    They did one with Peppa Pig and also Winnie the pooh I think, but might be worth googling. I am sure there are Mickey potty's out there! x

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