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Day 8 – Potty Training – an apology to my Son

So today has been up and down and contained one tantrum and meltdown that was not Noah!

The morning started well and he did the first  morning big wee in the potty. Then he decided from then on he was going to refuse to use it. Every time I ask hm to go he said no and ran away from the potty, kicked it and pushed it away. I then did the unspeakable and practically tried to force him to sit on it, only for him to go rigid and for us to both end up cuddling in floods of tears. It was horrible. I have never felt so out of control of a situation, and I have never been stressed as a Mummy until now, exhausted yes, but not stressed. I feel desperate.

I now think I have totally ruined things, because although he then managed to hold his wee after his sleep for nearly three hours, he still refused to sit on the potty. We went out to the park, I took the potty with us, he played for an hour, he walked the twenty minutes home and as soon as we get in the door he has an accident, poor little mite.

Then my Mum phoned, and bless her she was lovely and said she had been to Mother care for inspiration and they had chair style potties in Thomas the tank or Peppa pig. I asked BBwhich he would like and he actually looked excited and chose Thomas the Tank. My Mum is bringing it tomorrow. From then on he kept saying ‘No Mummy Thomas Potty’, and when I said he would get it tomorrow he agreed to use the red one and we got another wee and half a number two!

I feel awful for what I did today and this is my apology for BBto read when he is older – I am so sorry angel I made you cry. Never again! Love you with all my heart. xx

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2 comments to Day 8 – Potty Training – an apology to my Son


    I have tears in my eyes…it takes me back to the time we had been having massive problems with Hanna who was 4 at the time & only pooing in pull ups,we went to Ikea with no pull-ups,to cut a long story short I held her on the toilet as she was desperate,she screamed, I cried…then plop….we laughed and then cried again.She doesn't remember it now, don't beat yourself up, at least he still went afterwards.Let's hope Day 9 with Thomas will be better x

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Oh you poor love, that sounded awful. I am prepared to not have an easy ride either! I already get annoyed now when my son also shoves the potty out of the way and kneels when he has done a poo but will happily leave it there and goes mad when I ask if he has done one. I will keep looking in on here to see how you're doing. Well done so far, especially with twinnies in tow :-) xx

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