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Day 4 – Potty Training (Help!)

We have gone backwards a bit today! *sad face*

This morning I had my Home Start lady and she minded them while I did my huge ridiculous mountain of ironing, which I why I have her (plan to talk about home start in a future post) but of course it is difficult for her to really get BBto go on the potty and if he says no what can she do? Then it means me being in the room which defeats the object of her being there!

This afternoon improved a little but he just kept saying he doesn’t like the potty. I suggested the toilet but he was having none of that! We have got a couple on wee’s in today but to be honest it had required a lot of bribery!

I am really stuck now! Is he not ready? I don’t know what to do? Or do I just persevere and whilst we have no plans go with it. Does anyone know of a good potty training story book?

Let me know if you have done this and any tips. Would be gratefully received.

A desperate Multiple Mummy – dreading doing the twins now!

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4 comments to Day 4 – Potty Training (Help!)

  • cherrymumof6

    Hey honey, i know how hard potty training is and there will be good days and bad days, you are doing great, don't put yourself down and just keep on doing what you are doing, little man will get there in the end. Don't worry about age so much and don't put too much pressure on yourself or your son.
    Have you tried a reward chart?

  • Anonymous

    How old is Noah? I had a book 'Gina Ford potty training on one week' but to be honest went off instinct. Maybe a reward chart is a good tool still bribery but less subtle! My only advice is don't rush him, don't panic if he does go a step back and plenty of encouragement.
    We never went for pull ups just put her straight in knickers so she knew when she'd had an accident and nursery and granny used exactly same rules. The more relaxed you are you more he will be. Good Luck x

  • TheBoyandMe

    Don't give up, once you start you can't go back. That's me as a nursery nurse telling you that. It might take a while but just persever lovely. Gina Ford's book is good. We have 'I want my potty', 'Pirate Pete's Potty' and another one that I can't remember. Do you use a star chart? Does he get a cheer when he's done?


  • multiplemummy

    I have made up a mock reward chart for today and am attempting to give that a go and also going to investigate the Pirate Pete's Potty book. Thank you ladies for all your support. It is just nice as a Mummy to get some encouragement.

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