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Day 3 – Potty Training

So last night I was feeling very anxious and I tried one last time before bed to see if we could get a wee in the potty. No such luck, and my husband turned to me and said ‘Kerry, in his own time, don’t push him love.’ To which BBreplied by saying, ‘Yes Mummy, don’t push me!’ Cheeky monkey!

Anyhow, this morning I persevered and we got pants on again no problem. After two accidents we then managed to catch a little wee in the potty! I could have sung for joy. The next time he told me he was going, and we caught it half way through, and this continued for the next six wees! Seriously I had no idea that someone went that often. I can go first thing in the morning and not go again until about 3pm!

We continued, and he seemed quite keen to use the potty each time as he got a round of applause, praise and a little smartie, (as advised by friends) but most importantly he wanted to flush it down the loo!

This after noon, we got three wees on the potty in time, with him telling me and not having to change pants! I am thrilled. I am still going to go slow pace. Tomorrow I have my home start lady in the morning, so I don’t know how well he will tell her if he is going, and nursery will be a whole other ball game. But step by step.

Today was more progress than I imagined. But word of warning, when people told me potty training was messy, I don’t know why I didn’t take them all that seriously, but it really is messy!


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2 comments to Day 3 – Potty Training

  • Fishfingers for tea

    It seems like it's going very well! We're not at the potty training stage with Miss P yet but I've already been warned that it's a very messy business. Keep going, you're doing great :-)

  • TheBoyandMe

    Oh well done you! How old is he? The Boy is 22 months and we've been sitting him on the potty every time we change his nappy, he always goes. Not going to start proper training yet as I want to do it, not my mum so I'm waiting for the holidays.

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