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Day 2 – Potty Training

Well all I can say is thank God a friend of mine (thank you Sam) gave me some of her boys clothes including lots of pairs of shorts because boy did we get through them today!

The problem today was that h e is telling me he is going as he is going and of course by then it is all too late, however I really thought he would freak out about being wet and not want to wear pants again, but he was absolutely fine about it, so I feel that is that battle conquered!

I have turn to the advice of Potty Training Boys by Simone Cave and Dr Caroline Fertleman who go by the idea of training in sessions per day, and building up. Well I am sort adapting it because now he will wear pants I don’t want him to resort back to nappies, so I am going to keep him in pants whilst in the house and only use pull ups if we are out. It says that it does not matter if you don’t do it for two days!

I am still trying to decide if he actually knows if he is going…I am not totally convinced he does. I think it still just creeps up on him, but I am hoping that now he can feel wet, he might start to consider the sensation more.

But we did have one breakthrough. Today he told me he needed a number two, we got the potty in time and low and behold he sat willingly and did one! Seriously I could have screamed the place down with excitement.

So I don’t feel too disheartened today and we shall progress into day number three. Keeping fingers crossed we catch one!

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1 comment to Day 2 – Potty Training


    That's brilliant that he did a poo, whoop whoop!
    keep up the good work…..and when you've gone through all the ups & downs & passed on your tips I may give it a go too!

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