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Day 13 and 14 – We have breakthrough

I think we have done it! We have really done it!

The past two days have been fantastic…it is like something has just clicked into place.

Yesterday we started the day with one accident. Then later in the morning my husband took BBto the local shops to get some lunch and where would be the worst place for him to want to wee. Yep you guessed it, at the till point whilst paying, and to top it off my genius husband left the potty in the car. The very sympathetic cashier let my hubby desert the till and carry BBat breakneck speed to the car and my very brilliant little boy held it to the car and then went.

Then in the afternoon we had my Grandparent come to visit and twice he asked to go and held it to the potty got there. He still needs some assistance with trousers or shorts and tries to pull his own pants up but keeps getting his bits caught but I was amazed.

Today we have been dry ALL DAY!! Woo hoo. I even took him to the park, potty in tow and he asked to go there, held it and then went.

I am so proud of my little boy, and when I we said he could have a present for being so clever all he asked for was a Thomas the Tank Engine Magazine!  I can not tell you how thrilled I am.

I don’t think we will be accident free and we still have to get him to use toilets too, but with the help of Munchkins and Poppets I have a secret weapon up my sleeve…all will be revealed.

My top tips for potty training on reflection are!

  • Have as many potties as you can for each room or at least upstairs and downstairs
  • Invest in lots of pants and trousers – make sure they have a character your child loves
  • Totally chill out as a Mummy, my stress clearly held him back
  • Find key words that make sense to them, in our case Willy full, willy empty!
  • Rewards and a little bit of bribery do help!

To see how my potty training has progressed from start to finish see the potty diaries!

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9 comments to Day 13 and 14 – We have breakthrough

  • cherrymumof6

    Yay! That's fantastic hun, we have also had a breakthrough, Master2 has been dry for 2 days bar when mummy wasnt quick enough. We havent ventured out yet, that will be hard as he wont use the potty! x


    that is brilliant kerry (& of course Noah). I can't wait to hear all about the secret weapon up your sleeve (bet it looks a bit odd!!) tee hee!
    Thanks for tagging me

  • DancerMummy

    FANTASTIC!!!!! Well done Noah! (and Mummy!) I told you he would do it on his terms 😉 xxxxxxxxx

  • Vanessa Kimbell

    Well done. The only advice I would give is that kids can still go backwards. especially if they are tired, ill or get lazy or distracted. But hooray !

  • multiplemummy

    Thank you all for your for following this and your continued support. It has been really appreciated.

    Vanessa, you make a very good point, and I am glad you mention it, because going backwards may be a sign of getting poorly and I had not considered that, so thank you. x

  • WorkingLondonMummy

    well done you! great to read the progress

  • geekmummy

    Well done, sounds like great progress.

    I think potty training has been my most stressful and unpleasant parenting experience so far. Well done you for getting through it this far!

  • WorkingLondonMummy

    well done you! great to read the progress

  • DancerMummy

    FANTASTIC!!!!! Well done Noah! (and Mummy!) I told you he would do it on his terms 😉 xxxxxxxxx

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