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Day 11 and 12 – Potty Training

We might be very near breakthrough point! Woohoo!

We have had two very successful days. Still a couple of accidents, but far more relaxed and so so close to dry.

Yesterday the wee boy was dry all morning, and then had a nappy on for nap time and then we braved it out at the Zoo all afternoon. BBrefused to go for a wee before we left saying ‘his willy was empty!’ and he did not go for another 3 hours. Then at the leopards he suddenly said ‘Mummy, willy full!’ and if the potty was not stuck under the buggy we would have caught all of it!

Today we visited friends and hour and 10 minutes away who had a new baby – my beautiful God daughter. He stayed dry all the way there and for an hour when we got there and then said ‘Mummy, willy full’ and we caught a potty full of wee! Hooray! He remained dry all the way home and through lunch and then Mummy got side tracked and I missed the little accident!.

But to only get through one change of clothes both yesterday and today is excellent progress! Compared to when we started when we were going every 5-10 minutes and I got through 20 pairs of trousers and pants a day!

I feel a lot happier, less stressed and panicked about the whole situation. He seems to have two modes 1. Willy empty, and 2. willy full and the next step is for him to realise that when will is full either a) let Mummy know and hold it until potty is within reach or b) take himself to potty!

People keep telling me boys are slower to catch on and I think they may very well be right! But a very happy Mummy today!

For previous days see the Potty Diaries!

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3 comments to Day 11 and 12 – Potty Training

  • cherrymumof6

    Whoo hoo, thats fantastic, hope he sticks at it for you hun x


    great work Noah! I love the 'willy empty' / 'willy full' !
    He's done so well and you have inspired me to take the bull by the horns in the summer.
    With my 1st 2 I found my daughter to be a lot slower than my son, hopefully Jack will follow in big brothers footsteps.

  • SAHMlovingit

    I'm still following this with great interest my lovely! We are starting potty training soon. I'm SO glad that you are making progress and are happier xx

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