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Day 1 – Potty Training

I decided to brave it today – the start of the easter holiday and all that to go for the potty training. If you refer to my previous post potty pressure, you will see I have been having a number of issues!

Today was a break through. The boy wore pants! Not only did he put them on, he kept them on! All day! He would however only wear Mickey Mouse ones, and we did not make it to the potty once all day – we got through 8 pairs of pants and had one giant wee on the carpet, but pant wearing is progress! At least now he can feel wet and knows when he has been.

So stay tuned for tomorrows installment!

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4 comments to Day 1 – Potty Training


    Oh you have to tell me where you got the Mickey mouse pants from, my little one loves Mickey Mouse. He's not ready for potty training yet…but hopefully soon.
    Keep it up, he will get there soon…..but if he doesn't don't worry and don't feel pressured, if he doesn't want to don't force him.

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Good luck, lovely warm weather for it this weekend! xx

  • multiplemummy


    We are trialing it really – although he will wear pants he is still not keen on the potty and have resorted to potty training boys book by Simone Cave and Dr Caroline Fertleman and it is saying that if it does not go well today he might not be ready! Worrying though because he is three in June. x

  • elaine dye

    Had to buy several different pots before Tim would even consider using one. Think it was a duck one in the end that did the trick. Keep with it you'll get there. Love to all Elainexxxx

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