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Daisy Easter Bonnet

Inspired by lots of Easter bonnets we have seen I decided that I fancied making one. I was telling my mother in law about this and she fished out a magazine cutting that she had for years to make a Daisy Easter bonnet. Well I tried and failed miserably as I could not follow the instructions at all – they made not the least bit of sense, so I decided to make up my own way!

Daisy Easter Bonnet, Multiple Mummy

Thinking Daisy!

You will need white Crepe paper, Yellow crepe paper, ribbon or string, pins and needle and thread.

Daisy Easter Bonnet, Multiple Mummy


1. Cut out a 50cm by 35 cm rectangle in the yellow crepe paper.

2. Fold over 2cm margins on all four sides.

3. Along the bottom edge of the longest side sew running stitch.

4. Pull together and tie

Daisy Easter Bonnet, Multiple Mummy

The back of the bonnet!

5. The the ribbon or string under the front folded margin and pin in place.

6. Concertina the white crepe paper and draw on half a petal at the length you would like them. 15-20 cm is good!

7. Pin the petals underneath the bonnet edge with the ribbon to edge.

Daisy Easter Bonnet, Multiple Mummy

Pin the petals on to the front of the bonnet!

8. Sew into place using back-stitch.

9. Voila – one easy and fairly effective Easter Bonnet!

Daisy Easter Bonnet, Multiple Mummy

Daisy Girl!


Daisy Easter Bonnet, Multiple Mummy

Noisy Daisy!


By the way she is not crying in this picture she is shouting cheese! Little Madam is not a dainty Daisy!

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