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Cybher Meet and Greet – A little nervous so come say hello!

I am very excited to be attending Cybher this year in May. I really feel that this weekend is going to teach me a lot and also give me the chance to meet up with some lovely friends and to hopefully make some new ones. There are many people I chat to on twitter that I would love to meet in the flesh.

Cybher 2012

It is a big thing for me to go to things like this. I would not say I am shy, but I flounder in large groups of people suddenly panicking that I will have nothing of interest to say, so please forgive me if when talking to me, I look vacant. It is just that I am stunned by the immensity!

I am lucky enough to be able to attend due to the fabulous sponsorship of Freya as last year I won their blog star competition and now write for their Fitting Talk. I will have that mad panic about what to wear nearer the time, but at least my underwear will be gorgeous (and properly fitted people!).

So about me..

Cybher Meet and greet - a little nervous so say hello! Multiple Mummy

Me...and Little Madam!

Name: Kerry

Blogs: Multiple Mummy and Science Sparks

Twitter ID : @MultipleMummy and @ScienceSparks
Height : 5’3″ but give the illusion of height as I am a heel girl!
Hair : Cropped bob – RED!

Five things you should know about me…
1. I turn 30 this year!
2. I am a Science geek and teacher by trade
3. Yes I do want another child and no it does not terrify me if it is twins again!
4. My personality is like a labrador dog – loyal and soppy. Once you have gained this I will protect you to the death (well maybe not death, I have 3 kids to look after and hubby won’t be best pleased to be left alone, but I will give a good bite!)
5. I have 3 children under 3 and half – BBwho is 3 and twins (girl/boy) who are two!

Looking forward to seeing you there – please say hello and let me know if you are going!


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