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Cybermummy11 Meet and Greet!

Cybermummy11 is one month away and I am so excited about going and very excited about learning more – I am a technical dunce and so any help (in step by step process) is gratefully received.

I am going to use this opportunity to say sorry sorry firstly, I have not been about much lately and have been totally snowed under and so am really behind on all my reading and commenting, but I am going to get back up to date hopefully. It is just that the twins are as I am sure you can understand are very demanding of my time currently – I am looking forward to the session about fitting blogging into a life/blog balance!

Secondly I am so sorry but I stumbled across Cybermummy11 meet and greet  from the lovely SAHMLovingit post and then found Mummy shoes’ wonderful blog who created it. I cannot believe I have not seen her blog before!

Anyhow here are all my statistics so to speak!

So a big hello to everyone and a shy grin!

Name: Kerry Farrow

Blog: Multiple Mummy

Twitter ID: @MultipleMummy

Height: 5ft 3in (when without heels – but I am usually in heels unless my flip flops are very pretty!)

Hair: Short dyed dark red hair

Eyes: I would say brown but my family and friends say orange! (Like a tiger, or maybe I am vampire! But a good one like the Cullen’s)

Likes: My family (obviously!), dancing, chocolate, underwear, reading, pretending to garden, baking cakes, craft.

Dislikes:  Onions and people that pass judgement far too quickly!

To let you know I am heading down on the Friday and meeting up with Anne from Baby born free who is going too and is lovely! I am also staying the Saturday night too! Just in case you haven’t had enough of me!

Below is me and my three little ones! (Not totally recent as they are still covered in chicken pox and look gross!)

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