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Cybermummy 11 Feelings

I know there will be a lot of Cybermummy11 posts, so this is the tale of my weekend told in feelings! 


This is the feeling leading up to the Cybermummy11 event. The ridiculous amounts of questions you ask yourself. The what to wear scenario. What will be expected and oh God I hope no one tests me. It is the feeling of the unexpected and this then links with…

Nervousness and worry 

What if people don’t like me? This was my biggest worry! What if I make a complete ‘plonker’ of myself? What if I am lonely or miss my kids or say something really stupid? The fact of the matter is with 400 Mummies (and some Daddies) at Cybermummy11 and a day that does not stop, there is no time to miss anyone or feel remotely lonely and as for making a plonker of yourself…no one really cares and in fact they probably can’t even remember who you are in the first place, so you could probably blame it on someone else…

For example

Tweet from random person: The girls in the green dress…who was that now? Multiple mummy?

Tweet from another: oh yes didn’t she reveal her knickers?

Tweet from another: That was so funny!

Me: Oh no, your thinking of….(who can I blame…who can I blame?)…. @NewMumonline! (he he)

You can see how busy it is! 


Oh the excitement. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I described myself like a kid waiting for Christmas who believed in Santa. My husband described me as a 14 year old boy that has just found a stash of porn. I am not sure which is more accurate!


I have not eaten so much in ages! A very delightful three course meal the Friday night, ridiculous amounts of chocolate and the hugest cheeseburger you have ever seen! I have also never seen so many bags of goodies in my life and we were very spoiled! Plus I got a mini pedicure so that really made my day! 

My toes being made pretty! With my square hobbit
feet this is a challenge!

Anne from Baby Born Free and Ruth from Geek Mummy get a taxi with their bootie! 


I did not think I would be in tears this CyberMummy, but Nickie from Typecast’s post from the Keynote crowd sourced speeches opened the flood gates with her very emotive post about her daughter’s fight with cancer at 14 months old. This was followed by Baby Genie who was saved by a raisin (seriously this is an emotional post and one I can relate to a lot!) meant that my mascara smudged eyes were not their best for the after party!


This is over the people that couldn’t make it this year.  The ones I would have loved to have seen and who were truly missed. The Boyandme and TheCrazyKitchen are two that spring to mind but hopefully both of them intend to attend next year and if I am lucky enough to be sponsored again so will I.


This is the only emotion that I could use to describe friendship. I know it sounds crazy when you really only talk to people via twitter but some of us have become firm friends and it was so lovely meeting up with them all! Additionally it was lovely to get chance to meet people you don’t know as well and hope that those relationships can extend further a well. That is as gushy as I am getting but a lot of like minded people in one room already with blogging and parenting in common.

PR Mummy, the Grumpinator, Me and Mummyandthebeastie

Would like to be a yummy mummy, Not yet a yummy mummy, Mummy and the beastie and Mummy, Daddy and Me makes three!


I get so cross at myself for my technical incapability! I attended the blogging basics session and still 5 months in there are so many thing i have never heard of or even done. I have never done SEO stuff, and to be honest i don’t know how people find the time on top of writing a post, but somehow, people are brilliant at it. I had not heard of tweet me, and stumbled upon (I still don’t really know what that is but plan to google it later!) I really get frustrated that I feel like the bottom of the class.


Listening to people like Erica from Little Mummy talk about her successes, kick starts that ambition button and really makes you think the impossible could be possible! Could I make a living with three under three and not return to work? Actually on the come down probably not, but the spark was there! It did make Mummymummymum and I think we could make Science Sparks better which is a little project to get young children into science!


Oh the giggles! The non stop incessant giggles! Plus Jacki at Mummy’s little Monkey poo suit post was hilarious!


There were an number of many inspirational speakers at Cybermummy. The inspiration launched by Sarah Brown who opened with the keynote speech, and this being followed through by other bloggers and professional writers. I have to say that the most inspiring were all the bloggers at the end who read their posts. At the moment if I can get to that level I would be very proud of myself.

Sarah Brown delivering her opening speech


I have still not really come down from it all. I did spend most of the weekend in a bewildered gaze. I was full of wonder – it was like a winter wonderland for bloggers!  I can’t wait for Cybermummy12 next year! 

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