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Cupid Babies!

A romantic meal for two…well Marks and Spencer’s dine in for £20 including a bottle of bubbles! Children bathed and bedded and finally the ability to sit down! With so many jibes as to being careful (about the prospect of baby four) as an end result from a saucy night in, you would think it would add pressure. Not so. Firstly if the unplanned conception of another were to occur I would be over the moon. Ok, so it would be hard work and not as planned, but it would be wanted. Most importantly, however, measures are in place to ensure that this does not happen. More so, because I do want the timing to be right in the knowledge that is likely to be my last baby and I want to treasure it!
This indeed got me thinking…how many babies actually occur each year as a result of a valentine’s conception – a true cupid baby? Is it a higher rate than Christmas? You would think so, particularly with Valentine’s being the time of Cupid and his meaning of desire and affection?
As far as I can see, no actual studies or statistics around valentine’s conceptions have been created – that’s a real gap in the literature for anyone interested! According to the national statistics office we are averaging 2000 births per day but it would be interesting to see if this rate was increased in the week of November, nine months from now.
Interestingly enough, there are a number of parents globally purposely trying to conceive this Valentine’s in the hope to have a baby born on 11.11.11! Technically they would need to conceive on 18th February but as we all know due date is not an exact science and some babies like to come early or late!
But the morning is here, another day begins and I come downstairs to find the leftover dinner and the half finished bottle of my bubbles, because although our evening was enjoyed by all, it ended in typical me valentine’s style; fed and watered and fast asleep after two glassed of bubbles being nudged my husband to go to bed!

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2 comments to Cupid Babies!

  • Annette

    Excellent! We went for the dine in for £20, but they had all gone in our local M&S! So we just had the bubbles instead.
    Oh… I was born on 18th Nov…. A possible Valentines conception!!!? Though I don't think I'll ever really know for sure! xx

  • Hayley C

    I think I'm a New Year's Eve/Day baby – I came a bit late – don't really want to ask my Mum and Dad though!

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