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Cuddles and Kisses

We are a very affectionate family. I am a very tactile person, and sometimes have to be more aware that some people don’t like their space invaded, or to be kissed frequently!

However I did not realise quite how cuddly and kissy we were until my little man BBwanted to go through every type of kiss and cuddle in a method to prolong going to bed! Now when your nearly 3 year old is asking for cuddles and kisses, how can you refuse? So here they are:

1. The Eskimo kiss – the rubbing of noses. This was introduced when we were teaching him where his nose was, I don’t know why we didn’t point but we didn’t. I usually do this when he is drinking his milk beaker on my lap.

2. The Butterfly kiss – this is the fluttering of your eyelashes on their cheek. It really tickles and he can’t really decide if he loves it or hates it, but he always wants to do it again, whilst slight backing off giggling.

3. The squeaky kiss – when you kiss and make you lips squeak! This is good on tummies as well! We like to see who can hold the squeak for the longest!

5. The Raspberry kiss! BBinvented this. When he is not really in the mood for kissing and I ask for one, he doesn’t want to say no, so he blows a raspberry in my face! Nice hey. But now he thinks it is really funny so just wants to do it all the time.

6. The bear hug – Legs wrapped round my waist, head buried in my neck and arms round my shoulders. One of my favourites!

Cuddles and kisses, Multiple Mummy

7. The group hug – more like a bundle really but when the all want to be on my lap and start fighting each other I shout group hug and we all bundle on top of each other in fits of giggles and dissolves the quarrel.

8. Baby hug – when BBsometimes feels he does not want to be a big boy he wants to be a baby like the twins he will ask for a baby hug, when I cradle him. I kinda like this a lot. I don’t want him ever to be too big for a baby hug!

9. Squeeze! I just love them so much sometime you just have to squeeze.

10. Sleep hug – the hug that results in them falling asleep on you. When they lay on your chest thinking they are just going to have a rest and they go out cold. Bliss.

So there we have it. A whole list of hugs and cuddles.Not necessarily in that order And after a long day nothing makes you feel better.

Do you do any of these or do you have your own cuddles and kisses?

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10 comments to Cuddles and Kisses

  • Working london mummy

    this is delightful. Exactly the sort of game I love playing with my little one.

  • this is us

    Found you through another blog, and loved it, so following you now! This post made me want to go and wake up my two just for cuddles! Nat.

  • Frankie P

    Make the most of it while you can.. My eldest is about to turn five and is already running away from me when i want a kiss or cuddle…. boo hoo…

  • Laura

    Eskimo kisses are Miss C's fav at the moment. Very cute!

  • Keith

    You big softie. That's really lovely. Going eskimo kiss my lads later (if they'll let me)


    Jack is very cuddly & kissy and he always asks for an extra 'tuddle' and 'tiss' just as you're about to leave the room at bedtime. We enjoy an eskimo kiss and he gives great bear hugs, whilst my other two usually offer the tops of their heads when I ask for a kiss!

  • loveinthenest

    Beautiful post! We like kisses and cuddles too, I was having eskimo kisses with my babies today 😀 xx

  • MuMuGB

    Enjoy it while it lasts …wait until he is a teenager…

  • Anna

    This is just soooo cute! I'm a little jealous, though, I have to pin my 9-month-old to me and pretend she is excited at having a cuddle when I actually know she is writhing to escape. Maybe she will grow into it?!

  • Frankie P

    Make the most of it while you can.. My eldest is about to turn five and is already running away from me when i want a kiss or cuddle…. boo hoo…

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