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Conning the Babysitter

I totally underestimated my child yesterday whilst I was out! I never knew how manipulative and cunning he could be at two and half years old!
My little man always goes to nursery on a Thursday so the day started out in the usual vain for him. He was dropped at Granny’s by my husband who then took him onto ‘school’ as we call it!  
On the way to the nursery he cries out to Granny ‘Stop the car, there’s a spider, it’s scaring me!’ You know, I could just throttle Peppa Pig for her spider episode called ‘Skinny legs’. BBwould never have had any concept of being scared without that! Grrrrr! Me, being the mean parent I am would have said ’We are nearly there’ and started singing Incy Wincy Spider at the top of my voice but kind Granny pulled over to check. To top it off it turned out to be a piece of fluff! Not that my boy is a wimp or anything!
When dropped home, he was looked after by his Auntie and Uncle. Firstly he managed to convince them that he didn’t have a bath in the evening and that his pyjamas should be brought downstairs to be put on! He then said he was allowed to watch Peppa Pig until bed, but then refused to go to bed. His final brilliance however was that he managed to convince them that he is allowed to watch a DVD in bed! So they set up the portable DVD player with Finding Nemo on it.
When I got home just after eight they told me the story and I just could  not believe it. They said that they had turned it off but they thought he was still awake. I went upstairs to check on him only to find that he had put his arm through the bars of his cot and managed to switch it on again!  
I said ‘BBthat is so naughty, you never watch DVD’s in bed!’ He replied in his sweetest voice ‘Auntie Said I could!’ But she had been conned! My poor sister in law didn’t stand a chance. Why would a two year old fib, and why was the DVD player in his room in the first place? It was a sensible conclusion. The fact was it was in his room because my husband had said at the weekend he should learn that he cannot monopolise the TV and that it was far more important he watched the football! I think that my husband may have had a hidden agenda!
It is so hard for anyone that babysits because they don’t know your rules and routine and also they don’t want to cause upset. I just never realised that BBwas clever enough to suss this already!
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