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Clutter or Memories?

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to anything sentimental and keepsake ‘like,’ I am a hoarder of it. From cards, letter, books and the children’s things I just can’t bear to part with it.

When talking to other friends, they humour me as they don’t have quite the same obsession. I have made a scrapbook of Noah’s first year (although I feel guilty I have not had time to do this with the twins yet) and of my pregnancies. They have a memory box each which is bursting from the obvious like their first outfit, to the unique like their umbilical cord clip, to the down right weird, like the weight of their helium balloon when they were born!

Clutter of Memories? Multiple Mummy

Noah's Memory Box

I have had Noah’s drawings  made into a book so I am look at them regularly.

Clutter of Memories? Multiple Mummy

BBbook full of his art work!

I am photo book obsessed! I make one every year and the kiddies have all had one to record their first year of life!

Clutter of Memories? Multiple Mummy

Our many photo books!

Then Hubby. Since we have been together I have kept everything – from the rock he gave me on the beach shaped like a heart, to the first rose and every letter and card. I have scrap booked it all.

Clutter of Memories? Multiple Mummy

He's a bit of a romantic!

I know a lot of people must think ‘does she have no friends?’ ‘Or she must have nothing else to do with her time!” I can’t help it and I will never stop. I love looking back over them and remembering.

Since I started blogging I have kept all sorts of bit and pieces from it – it is a record of what I have done you see. When Helen from The Crazy kitchen sent me Octopus clips for crocs saying she saw them and thought of me,it made my day and they also have been kept!

To a lot of people this is just clutter and of course, I  do have to find space for it all to live. But my clutter is my treasure.

I am not like this with anything else. I clear clothes and the kitchen, toys and sort all other manner of stuff regularly. I hate it when my husband says he will put something in the loft I know we will never use again. That is all material. It can be replaced if needed but you can never get sentimental clutter back can you? Once it is thrown it is gone.

So I shall continue to find space and hoard the things that mean the world to me. As they say, one mans clutter is another mans treasure. I might have to start burying mine though; from a space point of view!

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17 comments to Clutter or Memories?

  • I’m a hoarder as well. Love the idea of a picture book. I currently have 3 massive A1 folders in the attic with all their artwork in for each academic year. That’s a lot of folders!

  • Vita

    I’m such a sentimental hoarder! I have memory boxes and keep all sorts of odd things! I have cinema tickets from my first dates with Mr G, and every card from him and my parents! Actually, i have a whole box of bits from my younger years including cards and photos of my first love – not sure Mr G realises that though!! The thing is I think I’d like to show them to the boys when they’re older, as it’s a bit of my history! I’m no where near as organised as you though! x

  • I hoard all sorts of keepsakes and sentimental things too. If I can attach a story to it, I keep it. It drives my hubby crazy but I think it’s lovely to keep all the memories alive with real, solid things.
    I take photos all the time and was originally going to make LittleMan a ‘first year’ book. But I’ve got so many pictures already that I might have to break it up into parts.
    I also recently discovered that you can have your blog printed out as a book and I will SOOO be having one of those once he’s a year to have all his updates in print.

  • multiplemummy

    Me too! My hubby thinks I am slightly loony too. I have made photo books of the first year and like you have had to part them into months. I did 0-3months, 3-6months and 6-12months!

  • I think it’s lovely! I wish I could apply myself to do the same. I do have some photo books but they take me ages to perfect it’s really time consuming! I love the scrap book idea and I think I need to buy a memory box for Beastie right now!! xx

  • Oh, this is lovely! I think it’s wonderful to keep all the things that mean a lot to us – like you say they are irreplaceable. I’ve kept lots of similar things and I love looking back over them x

  • […] your like me, then you will be slightly obsessed with taking pictures and creating memories, and when you have a baby they become the most photographed little creature in the world. Having an […]

  • I must admit I am a hoarder of all sentimental things, although my hubby would say I am a hoarder full stop! Love the drawings book, didn’t know they did one of those.

  • It’s not clutter, it’s amazingly well organised memories! Forget the weight of the helium balloon, I kept the balloon for his memory box. Can you tweet me and tell me where you got that book of Noah’s drawings done please?

    Thanks for linking this up to ShowOff ShowCase (when you get back, can you add the badge please? Thanks!)

  • It’s lovely to have all this stuff to look back on, I’m not quite as bad since we moved as I got ruthless about getting rid of stuff before we emigrated as we had limited shipping space, but as it was all pre-child stuff it wasn’t too hard. Now I’m really strict with myself and most of my memories are online (and backed up to CD!) even all Leo’s artwork I take photos of and don’t keep!

  • It’s wonderful that you’ve made so many photo books and scrapbooks. I’ve kept so many things – letters, cards, trinkets, etc. But they’re all stored in various shoe boxes! I recently chucked out a whole lot of letters that I received while at boarding school – 7 years worth. And as soon as they were gone, I regretted it… I really like the photo book idea – think I’m going to look into it!

  • I hoard stuff, not necessarily sentimental, just stuff.
    I wish I could be more organised about it like you, then I would actually keep what is important!

  • I love this! Definitely not clutter but wonderful precious memories. I wish I was organised (and motivated) enough to do things like this! I especially love this book of Noah’s drawings, such a wonderful idea. I have never done a photo book but I am now thinking that I might give it a go. I do have a memory box for JW though, and I still have a memory box of my own which contains various bits and pieces that I have collected over the years that mean something to me. I’m really glad I found this post through SOSC. x

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