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Choosing Twin Names!

It is always difficult when coming to that point of time in your pregnancy (like the day before your due date) when you think, we really must agree on a name! It is a tough decision as you have to love the name forever, you can’t change your mind and they have to live with it. It shapes them and characterises them right from the start. It really is a big deal.

When hubby and I found out we were expecting our first-born (a singleton) the name game began. It was like that scene from ‘Friends’ when Ross and Rachel keep vetoing names.

The name we finally agreed on in the end was BBbut it had not been mentioned up until the end as I had loved that name from when an old colleague had a baby years before me and when I mentioned it back then got laughed at. Apparently he does not remember this conversation but I am telling you, it happened. Anyhow he was all like ‘Noah, that’s fantastic, why have you not mentioned this before?” Grrr Men!

We got there in the end. Imagine both our horror then upon the discovery of twins six months after Noah’s birth! We were not at all worried about coping with two (well actually that is a total lie, of course we panicked) but we were more worried about how on earth we were going to come up with two names!

We decided to have them sexed so that it was only two names, other wise we would have had to come up with four, two baby girls name and two baby boys names!

There are some weird and wonderful ways of coming up with twin names like

Using anagrams for example Amy & May, Abdel & Blade, Myra & Mary

Having the same meaning names

Using names that rhyme or sound the same

Names beginning with the same letter.

Or you could be really weird and just go for names you like! This is what we tried. Easier said than done. You associate so many names with those you know, and to top this off both hubby and I are high school teachers so this rules out a vast quantity of names (I won’t tell you which ones as I don’t want to offend, but if you have any teaching friends and are in the process of name choosing, they are a good call on veto names!)

Anyway I loved a certain baby boys names. I had taught two kids of that name and they were delightful. Hubby on the other disagreed and said he had only taught naughty ones! We both liked the name though. Towards the end I managed to tweak the name at the end and suddenly my weirdo husband decided that was totally different and ok! All I did was add an ‘ary’ to the name. We still did have two other boy’s names we liked and each day towards the end we favoured a different one so I think he could have been a completely different name had he been born on the Wednesday instead of the Tuesday!

Crazily we still feel we would like one more and we shall have to go through the whole naming process again. Plus after have non-identical twins first time round the odds go up to have them again. Can you imagine…I really would deserve the title Multiple Mummy if that happened wouldn’t I?

Choosing twin names, multiple mummy


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12 comments to Choosing Twin Names!

  • I’m not sure how you ever picked. We had enough trouble with choosing one name and had only really decided the night before I went int labour. God knows what he might have been called if he’d gone overdue but a couple of weeks.
    It’s just such a huge responsibility isn’t it. They take it with them everywhere, for life, and I really think it can shape who they become. And then when you bring teachers in the mix…….! I reckon I vetoed 70 names just because I had taught children called that, which definitely makes the selection process harder.
    But, now that I am in the club of people who know all your babies names, I have to say that you made a good choice. I love all of them.

  • Gill

    We knew we were having boy/girl twins from 17w – and still hadn’t decided on names on the day I went in to have them! My dad was exasperated – said “most people only need to choose a male name, and a female name, and use one… You’ve known for 5 months you needed both, and you still can’t decide!” We just picked two names we liked in the end – no twin matching names etc as with an older son too we try not to make a big deal of the “twin-thing”. Xx

  • It is such an important decision choosing a name- luckily I had always wanted to call a little girl the name we picked so it was just up to me to persuade the husband! x

  • I am afraid I am one of the sad girls that if I had twins they would have to match, just the way I am.
    I like very out there names, hubby not so much, so we settled on names which were not so popular but not standard everyday. I have a thing about 2 middle names too so always takes some work x

  • It was such a hard job choosing a name for The Boy. The male name wasn’t so hard but the girl name (just in case) was incredibly difficult because my favourites didn’t combine well with the surname! Goodness only knows how you coped with two names!

  • olivia kirby

    my friends (twins) both have a set of twins each, Catherine has 2 girls, Emily and Grace, and Rachel has twin boys, Harry and Hector. i think it sounds nice if they both begin with the same letter but i guess they are 2 seperate people so their names don’t necessarily have to ‘go’. My kids’ names are Conor, Melody and Flynn. There’s no great meaning or reason to them, i just liked the sound of them and i think they sound nice together!

  • my second born (long before scans and knowing the sex was available) was Paul Andrew Malcolm the whole time I was pregnant, shame it didnt suit her when she was born!! We ended up putting 6 names in a hat and picking one as we couldn’t agree the day before we had to register her.

  • Kate

    Hi Kerry,
    I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned it elsewhere on your site, but why don’t you mention the names of your twins when you tell everyone Noah’s name? Just wondering :)

    • Hi Kate,

      The reason being when I started the blog, a lot of my first articles, mentioned the twins and Noah. Then I read an article about trying to keep the names of your children protected and I was too late with Noah but was able to change the few occasions I had mentioned the twins names and so gave then the nick names. It probably is silly though because I include photo’s, but I felt I should not have revealed Noah’s name. Thanks for asking. :)

  • I was going to ask the same question as Kate!

    I am 32 weeks prego with twin girls and we’ve kinda chosen two names we like but they don’t sound like “twin names” so we arent sure if people will think us weird for just having two unrelated names that we like?

    I’ve just discovered your blog and am fascinated to read all your twin posts! I’d love a link-up if you’re still looking for twin-mummy bloggers? I’m totally new to blogging and not quite sure how it all works yet! x

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