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Choo Choo! Thomas in Charge

Chilled out boy is the Thomas the Tank engine train expert in our house (he is however outdone by his cousin who adores Thomas!) but loves them and has even stolen borrowed Noah’s Thomas annual so that he can name all the trains. We are already planning to book the next Thomas visit at the Colne valley Railway.

So when I was asked to review the new Thomas in charge DVD I could not refuse as I no at least one little man in this house would be happy.

Thomas in charge! Multiple Mummy

In fact all of them were happy. We have ‘Hiro of the rails’ DVD which is fabulous and the animation was slightly different this time but the children didn’t seem to notice at all. As long as Thomas stays blue, and Percy stays green I think that is all that matters to them.

Set on the Island of Sodor Thomas and his friends follow the same pattern of stories of having to solve a problem or make amends for a wrong doing. There are four episodes and the DVD ran for just over 50 minutes. A little long for the twins, but BBwould have sat and watched one after the other is left too it, but you can pick the episodes individually to watch in the menu setting.

The brilliant feature is that in-between the episodes you get Mr Perkins who acts out a little sub story line of  playing music at Knapford bandstand.

We love the theme tune and we sing it in the car all the time.

‘There two, their four, their six, their eight,

shunting trains and hauling freight!”

The twins get up and start dancing which is very funny to watch.

Thomas in charge DVD was a real hit in this house and the only flaw of reviewing is that you don’t get a case and so the DVD is scratched to bits from mis handling of little fingers. It amazes me how quickly they can work out the buttons on a DVD player!

So a big thumbs up from chilled out boy, and noah and Little Madam are often in request too! A winner all round.

Thomas in charge was released on 23rd January and is available to buy now!



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