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Chick Flick – Movie Meme

Well I confess! I am a true sucker when it comes to chick flicks! As part of Metal Mummy’s theme this week I feel they are great for moments when you just want to indulge in the ‘happy ever after’ or in fact want to watch something that requires very little brain power to follow!
The cinema these days is really a distant memory so my choice is old! Plus most people had already picked some of the classics! I am hoping it fits into the category because:
  1. It has a happy ever after
  2. It made me cry
  3. My husband refuses to watch it
I watched it pre-pregnancy, it was banned during pregnancy until after the birth and then when hormones were slightly stable again, was watched again!
It is Jack and Sarah
It has an exceptionally good cast – Judi Dench, Richard E Grant and Ian McKellan and is based on a story around a very successful man having to raise his baby daughter alone, after his wife dies during childbirth.
Now moving swiftly on from the dying bit, (not because I am callous, but because the first time I watched it, it nearly took me half the film to get over what had just happened!) I found that in a similar way to P.S I love you, once you get over the trauma of the sad bit at the beginning things can only get better!
I love the way it focuses on the difficulties of being a single father possesses, not that a single mother doesn’t, but the system is prepared for Mother’s!
The part where he is arguing with the security guard of a department store because they are refusing to let him change the baby in the women’s toilets because that’s where the facilities are! We have only encountered this problem once, but I think mostly, things have progressed these days!
The ending is your typical happy ever after, but there is a slight twist and I liked that it wasn’t totally predictable!
So if you are a chick flick lover, enjoy a good cry, are NOT and I repeat ARE NOT pregnant, then this is the film to watch!
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2 comments to Chick Flick – Movie Meme

  • Metal Mummy

    Thanks for linking up :)

    I haven't seen this film. Heard of it though. Brill cast too! Will have to check it out x

    Hope to see you again next week! x

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Oh I had totally forgotten about this one, have seen it a couple of times and it's such a heart warming/sad film. Great unique choice as well! :-) xx

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