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Can you ever get a break from the kids?

Do you find that when you get the opportunity to go out child free all you talk about all evening are your children! I worry I must be so boring…don’t I have anything else to offer. I am however so guilty of it and last night was no exception.
We had the lucky opportunity to have a child free night as my parents volunteered to baby sit and we indulged in a hotel! Oh a break from the children! All I could think about was the luxury of a lie in and Nick was under strict instructions that if he so much as touched me before I was fully awake it may get an elbow in the eye!
The first thing I do when we get to the hotel is ring my Mum to see that the children are all ok before we go out. I have only been gone two hours!
We got to our friends house and we got chatting to a new group of couples that lived locally. Now, children are usually a starting point for conversation, but I always feel a little unique to say ‘Oh and I have twins!’ To my amazement last night there were three other couple there all with twins! Seriously, there must be something in the water!  
All three couple now had their twins at school and it was really interesting listening to their stories. Their most important piece of advice was ‘Let wine become your best friend!’ I am not really a wine drinker but I am sure there could be an alternative – last night a fruity cocktail was slipping down the throat quite easily! I am however, so out of practice with the drinking that usually it only takes two and I think it is sleep time!  Not only that, but the thought of a hangover is so unappealing with the knowledge that children don’t give a damn if your head hurts the next day! Motherhood continues regardless….
To be honest to get to midnight was quite an achievement but the whole evening was occupied with talk of toilet training, sleeping and extra curricular activities of children and the trials and tribulations of parenting.
In the morning we talked about what a superb night it was, but I am an incessant worrier and started to panic that my babies were all I spoke about. Nick reminded me that the others were guilty of it too. So is this normal?  Do you become boring when you become a mother? Should we apologise for talking about our children so much? Then I was straight on the phone to Mum checking once again that the children were all ok. We were home three hours later!
So it is possible to switch off? Can you ever get a true break from the children and should we feel guilty for wanting to? As far as I can see it, the irony is the fact that we went out last night to get a break from the kids, only for the conversation to be dominated by kids! But sadly, or not I loved every minute of it!
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2 comments to Can you ever get a break from the kids?

  • louise.farrow

    A break is a break even if just physically!! In the early days I found this very hard and talked about my girls incessintly. I felt guilty having 'me time' but over time I began to embrace this as I told myself I needed the break from them as much as they did from me! My social circle consists of mums and dads so invariably the conversation still revolves around children although doesn't dominate the conversation. But what we need to remember is that our children have become our lives and as such we should be proud to share them with friends and strangers alike!!

  • amyh_21

    I don't think its sad, i may be biased being family and all but i love hearing about Noah, Zach and Florry!! Its all good as long as its not moaning! Glad you had some time off though, you two definately deserve it :) x

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