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Butlins, Bloggers and Bogie’s

Yes the three B’s. Butlins, bloggers and bogie’s! This was how my weekend was spent and it was bloody brilliant (ok minus the bogie part!).

This weekend, hubby, myself and kids set off early on Saturday morning to go to Butlins, for the Tots 100 Christmas do. My other half was fantastic as he basically dealt with the children on his own whilst I galavanted around having dinners, drinking wine and decorating Christmas trees..not necessarily in that order!

I got to meet some wonderful people for the first time including The Boy and Me, Mummy Mishaps and Dear Beautiful Boy and catch up with bloggers who I have met before like my fabulous Science Sparks partner MummymummymumMummy and the Beastie, Mummy Daddy and Me, the Crazy Kitchen and New Mum Online. Someone said on twitter it was like meeting up with friends and it really was. Like minded people who have all got together to discuss their ‘closet’ (in some cases) blogging. It was nice to be out there and talk about it freely and openly with others that get it.

Not only that but it was a fabulous weekend away with the children. We stayed in the Ocean hotel and BBadopted the phrase ‘holiday home’ throughout the whole weekend. Despite Butlins having some wonderful shows and events on, I think he would have happily stayed in the hotel room all weekend playing with the changing colour lights in the bedroom and watching the bath water change colour from the lights in the bathroom!

The room was beautiful and we were able to easily fit two travel cots in the main room, whilst BBslept in a bed, and Nick and I took the second bedroom albeit single beds but sometimes that’s nice to have your own space isn’t it? Saying that I did end up with a Chilled out boy in bed with me from 5.00am so not so roomy but I did have a personal hot water bottle.

So all ‘us’ bloggers met on the Saturday afternoon for welcome drinks and silliness organised but Sally Whittle who runs Tots100. We all divided into teams and all set the challenge to decorate a Christmas tree with the winning team each getting a hamper for Christmas. It all got very competitive but sadly we were not lucky on this day and somehow in the heat of the event I did not get a chance to do the touchy feely box either!

Butlins, Bloggers and Bogies Multiple Mummy

My Christmas tree decorating team!

Then I met back up with hubby and the children who were all enjoying the rides and activities of Butlins. We took them to dinner at the Pizza restaurant and met up with the lovely Mummymummymum and her family, the Crazy Kitchen and her family and The Boy and Me and her delightful family. Bearing in mind their was so many of us, the kids were impeccable. It really was family friendly and very cheap!

Butlins Bloggers and Bogies Multiple Mummy

Enjoying the Mini merry-go-round

In the evening we all got dressed up to go out to Dinner. We met for Christmas cocktails and then had a marvellous dinner at Turners. Marvellous minus the healthy pudding of prunes and mince-pie ice-cream! Where was the chocolate I ask you?

Butlins, Bloggers and bogies, Multiple Mummy

Helen from the Crazy Kitchen and Emma from Mummymummymum

Onto Jacks for a drink, and then back to the Ocean bar for more drinks. I was not hardcore enough to stay in Jacks, I left that to Mammasaurus, Actually Mummy and TiredMummyoftwo and probably a good job too, as the twins woke three times in the night and ended up in our beds, whereas normally they sleep through. Typical hey, when you finally get the chance to have a drink. Although the others will laugh at me, because I am so slow, I barely touched my wine! I put it down to being so put out about the pudding!

The whole event was amazingly put together and organised and gave many people who have become good friends on twitter the chance to meet up and also to get to know up some other lovely bloggers in person.

I didn’t get the chance to speak to everyone as we only stayed the one night and headed off fairly early Sunday but hopefully there will be other occasions. As for Butlins, we would definitely consider going back but I think they would get more out of it a little older as there are limited activities that you can do with three so small and only two pairs of hands. But it really did bring some magic to Christmas and inspired us to put our tree up when we got home.

As for the bogies…well the twins were teething again and were full of snot! It was constant bogie watch all weekend! Delightful!



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6 comments to Butlins, Bloggers and Bogie’s

  • It’s definitely true, that it was good to be out and proud about being a blogger, just for one weekend. And to meet all the lovely people who I spend my time talking to on Twitter, including my fellow Essex girl.
    PS. And I just love how everyone is mentioning the random pudding. What was that all about?

  • Must admit I would have expected a bit of a naughty pudding…it is Christmas after all and what most women out on a night of freedom would like!

    Sounds like a fab night though and i’m pretty jealous. Would have been lovely to meet you again xx

  • Aw, very jealous. I am still very firmly a closet blogger so couldn’t find a good excuse for abandoning family and making the 300 mile trip south, but I so would’ve loved to. :(
    I am glad you all had a good time. Maybe soon I will be joining you all. You have some great pics and it looks like you all got on marvellously.

  • I wondered if that was where the title was going!

    It was a real pleasure to meet you and your gorgeous family, wish we had more opportunities to do this. See you at BritMums!

  • Thanks for the mention although I was at Jaks too m’dear – take a look at my Dinosaur post xx

  • Was lovely to see you again Kerry- and can’t wait for the next event where hopefully we will be able to chat for longer! It also got me in a very festive mood as well! x

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