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BritMums Live Meet and Greet

I am very excited as this week I was able to purchase my ticket for Britmums Live, thanks to my wonderful Sponsor Miracle Box (I shall reveal more about them later!).

Find Me @ BritMums

I am thrilled to be going and catch up with friends that I have made during my first year of blogging and already met, and to meet brand new bloggers. There are some bloggers that I am longing to have a good chin wag with. (although knowing me, I will go all shy and talk complete drivel, but bear with me as i do become normal once I am warmed up!)

The lovely Carly from Stepford Wifey has done a link up ‘Meet and Greet’ so we can get to know each other  a bit before we go

So a big waves and hello and probably a hug as I am ridiculously tactile! I’m Kerry and here is my meet and greet:

Name: Kerry


Twitter ID: @MultipleMummy
Height: 5ft 3 inches – but give the illusion of height because I am a heel girl!

Hair: Short bobbed and Red! (Not naturally mind you…in fact I could not actually tell you what its real colour is I have dyed it for so long…it could be grey!)

Eyes: I say brown, but if you ask my children they say orange!

Likes: Italian Food,  Chocolate, Hot chocolate with all the toppings, Science, Shoes, Stationary ( a notebook and penoholic!), dogs, craft, pretty things, memory scrapbooks, blogging, musicals, Suits (currently my favourite programme) and reading.

Dislikes:  Dishonesty, Fakeness, and Onions!

Britmums live Meet and Greet, Multiple Mummy

This is me!

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