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Breaking Down Gender Barriers!

It never worried me whether I would have boys or girls, although I was always convinced that we would be an all male family! When we had our 3D sexing scan with the twins and I found out that it was going to be one of each, I was so shocked but delighted to be expecting a girl. I got very excited and envisioned nothing but pink, sparkles and angels!  
As my ‘Little Madam’ as her older brother so aptly describes her, has gone from baby to toddler, it has become very clear that she is the key to all the happenings in this household. She is tiny, has no hair, and only four teeth (despite being 17 months) but she rules the roost and has her two brothers completely in her power!
She inspires naughtiness, she climbs everything, and she shouts the loudest. Everyone knows where our ‘little Madam’ is in the house! As for pink, well…she does not really suit it! Not the baby powder pink anyway. She is more cerise pink, bold purples and aubergines and greens, to match her eyes. She has already demonstrated that he has a good throwing arm, her favourite toys are cars and she can definitely throw herself on the floor in a dramatic way to highlight she is not happy with the situation! She is feisty through and through.
The boys look on adoringly. They give her everything she asks for, they let her go first for everything and BBis constantly reporting to me as to what she is up to and how she is feeling. If she is naughty, like pulling a clump of Noah’s hair out for example, bringing him tears and finding it funny (yes…I said naughty!!!), and I tell her off, he says ‘No Mummy, Florrie sorry!’
She is, absolutely gorgeous to me and I adore her determination, but girly and angelic she is not!
Little Madam taking her brother’s on for a race!
BBon the other hand is the most sensitive of souls. He is gentle and cautious and tries desperately hard at being naughty but is always so distraught at the fact that I might be unhappy with him, that he never really sees it through. To add to this sensitive streak is his creative streak and he is already informing me of what he would like to wear, had told me his favourite colour is indeed ‘Pink!’ and only wants to dress in the princess outfits at nursery!
So my little girl is not girly and my little boy is not, well, boyish. To begin with I was really worrying about this, and was more concerned about how my husband would be but he is not fazed at all. He says it does not bother him if in years to come BBis my shopping partner and Florrie is having a pint with him whilst watching the football!
But who are we to say really what is male and female. We are the ones that put gender to everything and say pink is for girls and blue is for boys! My brother in law also admitted that he used to like wearing dresses because he liked how they swirled! So I am breaking down the gender barriers and am not going to push them into things I think they should be into and give them the freedom to be who they want to be. Hopefully I am making the right decision!
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9 comments to Breaking Down Gender Barriers!

  • Liska

    Hi, hopped over here from your comment on The Life and Times of a Domestic Anarchist.

    This post's great and I agree. There are years and years for conforming and following the crowd.


  • sbooth

    This is great and so true! In my 2 boys, I have a gentle, logically minded soul and a rough and tumble, 'I can do anything the older kids can' type! I'm putting the latter down to being the 2nd child and constantly feeling the need to keep up! (I'm also convinced we didn't wrap him in cotton wool so much.) Although they both love to do 'boy' stuff and think 'pink is for girls', they are just as happy giving Mummy a cuddle and telling me they love me 'so, so, so much,' so I'm basking in this until the day comes when society and peer pressure changes that to 'Muuuuum, don't kiss me, my mates are looking!' It will be a sad day, but I'm hoping, away from the spotlight of their friends, they'll continue to be just as loving!

  • The Domestic Anarchist

    This blog triggered some memories for me as my madame was and always has been fiesty; might have something to do with the red hair! You're quite right though that gender barriers are a figment of the mind, I'd been quite happy if my baby son wanted to play with dollies. xxx

  • yorkshiremumatlarge

    Totally agree! We have 2 girls and my hubby is delighted to have someone to watch hockey with irrespective of gender! My little one also does not suit baby pink, but when dressed head to toe in cuscus, I still get isn't He gorgeous lol

  • Helen

    My 10yr old son will happily say that his favourite colour is pink, he likes his pink t-shirts & has pink trainers (can't say they were my 1st choice!). I can understand why boys want to play with the girly stuff & dresses, its so much more exciting & sparkly than dark boy stuff!

  • Annette

    Fantastic post! xx

  • jennie

    Great post. I have 8 month old boy/girl twins and am loving watching their personalities develop x

  • multiplemummy

    Hi Liska,

    Thanks for popping over; it's hard to be strong about giving them the confidence to be an individual because you never want them to feel isolated and insecure. But I agree, they should not have to confirm to what society dictates.

    Domestic Anarchist,

    I am glad I am not the only one with a fiesty daughter!


    Hi, thank you for letting me know that there is the same situation in your home, maybe it is us as adults that put the pressure on how a littles one should be. Good on your husband as well for being so care free about it too, it's great!


    I totally agree with you! Hooray for pink and sparkles!


    Thank you hon x


    Thanks, always lovely to find someone else with twins, especially boy/girl! x

  • The Domestic Anarchist

    This blog triggered some memories for me as my madame was and always has been fiesty; might have something to do with the red hair! You're quite right though that gender barriers are a figment of the mind, I'd been quite happy if my baby son wanted to play with dollies. xxx

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