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Blue Apple Books Review and Giveaway!

I am a lady obsessed with books. I collect children’s books and already have my eye on some of the Children’s that I am never going to let them part with. As a result of my passion for story telling and books, all three of mine love them. Story time is a big thing in our house. However I do tend to veer more towards fictional books than non-fictional, so when I was asked to review four new books from Blue Apple books, that are not your classic story telling I thought I would use this as an opportunity to see how my children took to them.

Book 1 – Simms Taback’s Dinosaurs

This was the favourite book with all my children. It is a giant fold out book that describes different dinosaurs in each stage of the fold out, to reveal the actual dinosaur. It gave the children a sense of size an enormity, an ability to describe, they wanted to remember the descriptions and I was so impressed at them trying to say the Dinosaur names like Pteranodon!

They loved unfolding the pages and were really gentle with the book although it is hardback and had quite thick sturdy pages. It is aimed at three to five years, but the twins who are not three yet loved this book. A beautifully illustrated education style book. It is retailed at about £8.99

Blue Apple Book Review and Giveaway, Multiple Mummy

Book 2 – Bear’s Underwear Mystery. 

This book looks at counting to 10 by getting bear to find his ten pairs of different coloured pants!

BB enjoyed this book because of the underwear element which is thought was very funny but at four years old the number counting was too easy for him and the pants were too obvious. The twins however delighted in this book and it was perfect for the Little Lady who is really into her numbers at the moment but like to start from 8! So it enabled us to go back and include 4, 5 and 6! It also helped us look at patterns, like stars, stripes and colours from the pant designs.

This booked it targeted at 2-5 years olds, but I think more appropriate for 2-3 years old, unless a child had some learning difficulties, in which case it would be great as it is not babyish in its theme. It is still a hard board book so is strong and sturdy and has tabs to make page turning much easier. This book retails at £6.99

Blue Apple Book Review and Giveaway, Multiple Mummy

Books 3 and 4 – Draw and colour Fun People and Draw and colour Fun places

These were my favourite books. I just love them. The aim is for children to learn step by step how to draw people or places right from stick men and shapes through to the end product. The book grows and develops with them, and there is no reason why you could not practice activities again and again on paper. BB has never really been that keen on drawing and even now still struggles to hold a pen properly (I hope this will change with school) but these books are a perfect thing for us to do together this summer to practice some drawing skills.

He sat down with Daddy the other night to draw a house and Daddy helped him step by step with the instructions and he was so proud of his end result. I think one of the reason BB does not like drawing is he is a perfectionist and hates doing this wrong but these books really give him confidence. The only negative and it is very small, but because it is an American designed book, they do spell colour wrong!

The large pages give them the space to draw, and really enhance and enable a creative streak. I will be taking these on holiday with us, as they are a brilliant activity book and very reasonably priced at £5.99


Blue Apple Book Review and Giveaway, Multiple Mummy

So one of you lucky people have the chance to win not just one of the books, but the whole set of four books! A prize worth £30

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