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Blogging etiquette – who knew?

My nose was put a little out of joint today when I was rudely told by another blogger (quite a big one who shall remain nameless) on twitter not to post my blog content to gain followers! It was not the ‘done’ thing! Seriously how else do you gain followers without putting your work out there? So me being me apologised in my next tweet for causing any offence and asked politely what I was doing wrong and what the correct method was, stating I was ‘very embarrassed’.
In fact I was tearful; I have been so excited about my blog and she burst my bubble. I wanted to give up there and then. However she ignored me! How rude! To make me even more furious two tweets of hers later she did exactly the same as me: advertised her blog! You are kidding me I shouted out loud to my husband, followed by not such a polite collection of words! Hypocritical b****! So tell me…am I wrong?
I thought other bloggers; especially established ones would be supportive. She even had the cheek to ask if I was a genuine Mum! I cannot believe that such an established blogger would be threatened by me, my three blog posts and currently seven beautiful and supportive followers. So what is the problem, why not be helpful? I was miffed. So please feel free to let me know what the blogging etiquette is so I don’t make any more fundamental errors!
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22 comments to Blogging etiquette – who knew?

  • sbooth

    I have no idea about blogging etiquette honey, all I know is that if you hadn't posted on facebook, I would never have known and would miss out on enjoying a fabulous read from a fabulous 'genuine mummy!' You'll always get one, so carry on as sweet as you are 😀 xxx

  • Lisa

    Dear a very GENUINE multiple mummy!

    I would be more than miffed at that! What a childish numnut! Clearly some people have forgotten that blogging is for fun and the opportunity for people to share ideas and thoughts with anyone who might be interested. Let the sad competitive loser waste their time on 'so-called' bogger-rules! Clearly their laptop is their only friend!

    Blog On!! x

  • kelbrett

    All the bloggers I know of use twitter and facebook to push their posts and I am glad they do, I wouldn't of found most of them if they didn't!

    If you are having fun, then keep going! For every person like this one you will gain tens more of people who enjoy your blog!

    The only etiquette I know of is the obvious ones – don't copy other's work, don't be offensive and don't lie! But as you are not doing these – you are all good! Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  • Liz

    Stupid woman ( the one on Twitter!). I'd say publicise your blog on Twitter so that other mum's can enjoy and learn from your interesting blogs. That's what Twitter's all about! What's your Twitter ID as I'd like to follow? Mine's libbymuir.

  • kerrywren

    Thank you very much lovelies! You have made me feel so much better! Keep following as I am very grateful and hopefully my blog will get better! Gone from seven to twelve which is progress! x

  • Annette

    Your blog, your rules!! It's all genuine and not copied, so tell her to chuff off!!!!

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    Gosh, Now I am wondering who it was! Obvioulsy very late on this but coudl not read and not comment. Hopefully by now you know there is hardly any etiquette and you can definately promote yrou blog content on twitter!

    Mich x

  • Sonia

    Wow! I have only just seen this and cannot believe someone would say such a thing to you!! LOL I'm wondering who it was now!! You post wherever the hell you like honey and don't let anyone say anything to stop you! xxx

  • Music Bugs

    I must admit that I am new to blogging. It's quite a learning curve but I am enjoying it immensely and can already see the benefits in terms of extra follwers on Twitter and visitors to our website.

    I wasn't aware that there were any 'rules' to blogging but if there were, I would probably ignore them anyway 😉

    It is another form of social networking, so go for it!

    I do agree with you that one or two bloggers take themselves way to seriously.

    Don't pay any attention and carry on as normal. Your blog is lovely and you have every right to publicise it in any way you see fit x

  • helloitsgemma

    I must say in the time I have used Twitter and been blogging I have never come across this – I have found both the twitter and the blogging community to be very supportive. I am hoping that you were just very very unlucky. I only promote my blog via twitter, not Facebook – nowhere else. It is perfectly acceptable to tweet links to your blog and I think it's ok to say read my blog! If people are turned off by that they won't respond. I hope since you've written this, there has been a lot more water under the bridge and you feel more comfortable.

  • helloitsgemma

    The only blogging etiquette really is don't write huge comment (obviously I ignore that!) and don't use commenting to promote your own blog.
    Commenting is about acknowledging someone else's effort – not saying. Great but read this….
    I've read lots of your blog and I think it's great, keep posting -it's easy to get obsessed with comments and stats but try and be true to yourself and do it for you! this is very much your space (and this is a very personal blog which is it's joy) – enjoy it! X

  • rosiescribble

    Everyone publicises their posts on twitter! There are no rules. If you hadn't done that I wouldn't have known you were here. Try not to take it personally. Difficult I know. And keep tweeting your posts!

  • hoopie

    i think i saw that.

    i think twitter is a great way for bloggers and small businesses to promote themselves – who wrote the rule book anyway? :)

    good luck with your blog


    How strange blog on and tweet on hun x

  • Becky

    well – I am also new to this blogging thing – and to be honest I don't give a flying scooter what the 'done thing' is. Before I had started I hadn't even realised mummy blogging was such a big thing and hadn't even read anyone elses. Yours is one of my favourites – I say promote it all you want!! otherwise I would have never found it x

  • Mari's World

    What a load of lobbocks! I'd love to know who that person was and why they felt so threatened. I always tweet my work as it's the only way to find new readers and some days if I particualrly like a post or want people to read it I'll tweet 3 times throughout the day.
    You carry on tweeting and ignore the twat sorry twit!

  • Tempest

    What a load of rubbish…..of course you should tweet a link to latest blog posts! It would be like in 'real life' saying to someone, "you might want to read this"….how else can you tell followers you don't get a chance to talk to what's there! I think the only thing people need to be careful of is tweeting a link to the same post 3 or 4 times a day (which many do, there are no rules) but just simply because if someone isn't following many people yet on Twitter it might clog up their stream and might irritate….but there are no rules, carry of blogging….and tweeting about it….

  • The Real Supermum

    As you know I have had a few run ins with so called big bloggers, ignore ignore and ignore and use this to your advantage and be happy that they feel the need to comment to you x I have grown rather a thick skin lately and now am rather happy when I receive negative reviews, means they are bothered about what I am doing x

  • TheBoyandMe

    What a complete pile of arse! Ignore her, whorver the hell she is (I can guess) and carry on.

  • hoopie

    i think i saw that.

    i think twitter is a great way for bloggers and small businesses to promote themselves – who wrote the rule book anyway? :)

    good luck with your blog


    How strange blog on and tweet on hun x

  • kerrywren

    Thank you very much lovelies! You have made me feel so much better! Keep following as I am very grateful and hopefully my blog will get better! Gone from seven to twelve which is progress! x

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