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Betty Crocker Whoopie Pie Review and Giveaway

When Betty Crocker found out how much BBand I love baking, she asked if we would review her new Whoopie Pie mixes. By Betty Crocker I actually mean the PR department because Betty is in fact not a real person (she was created by Marjorie Husted in 1921) but it sounds good don’t you think?

Anyway, when asked to review a cake mix that is very chocolatety, the answer was always going to be a big fat YES!

Betty Crocker Whoopie PIe review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

Long-time American favourites, whoopie pies are delicious mini sponge cakes sandwiched together with sweet, fluffy icing. Thought to have originated in Pennsylvania, they reputedly get their name from farmers shouting “whoopie!” upon finding them in their lunch boxes.

BBand I made them last Friday night. I have to say for toddler cooking the mixes are perfect because it skips all the measuring and weighing part that they either get bored with, or get over excited with and you end up with flour everywhere! It jumps straight to the mixing bit, which BBloved. It was so easy and the additional ingredients of vegetable oil, water an egg and milk are all things you would have at home anyway, so no special buying involved either.

Betty Crocker Whoopie PIe review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy


Betty Crocker Whoopie PIe review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

Teddy is in the picture because he had to help!

My only flaw with making the pies, was my stupid oven which just gets too hot whatever temp you put it on and they cooked much faster than the stated time allowance, so just be on guard! Other than that we had load of fun!

The whoopie pies retail at £2.15 and come in two flavours including Chocolate and vanilla and Double Chocolate.

Both were extremely yummy and I and BBloved the filling in both.

Betty Crocker Whoopie PIe review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

Our finished pies!

Betty Crocker Whoopie PIe review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

Taste Testing

I could not get over how simple they were and how easy to throw together and such great fun in the kitchen.

You can also find Betty Crocker on Facebook and on their website.

So I have a fab giveaway running for the next 10 days where you can win a pack of both the Double Chocolate and Chocolate and Vanilla Whoopie pie mix and I have three sets to giveaway, so three of you could be lucky winners!

All you need to do is follow the instructions below! Good luck!

You can also…

Share your Whoopie Moments 

To celebrate the arrival of the new Whoopie Pie Mix range, Betty Crocker is calling for the nation to share their Whoopie Moments – those moments when something unexpectedly exciting happens to you that makes you “whoop!” with joy. Like when a friend pops over as a surprise or your partner comes home with an unexpected present, or just the excitement of watching the cake rise in the oven! They happen all the time, but they’re great and should be celebrated.

Just search Betty Crocker UK on Facebook and upload your ‘Whoopie Moment’ to be in with a chance to win an exclusive family trip to the home of the whoopie pie – Pennsylvania, USA. Or if you don’t have your own Whoopie Moment to share, why not give a friend or loved one something to whoop about by nominating them for a special Whoopie Moment.




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