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Beautiful Eyes!

I think in all honesty eyes are what really attract people to each other. You can tell a lot from a persons eyes, they reveal so much; How they feeling? Whether they have a secret? Are they lying? Their personality type? Love, humour, age, wisdom. Your eyes really are a giveaway to all you are.

I love all three of my beautiful babies eyes. All three of them have different colour eyes and which just makes me amazed at the cleverness of genetics and how eye colour is determined. If you want to find out more about this read my Luck of the Sperm post! It reveals all and show you how clever it all is.

I was immediately attracted to my husbands eyes – they are so warm and loving. He has very intense eyes and gives you full on eye contact when he talks.

So if you have been around my blog much you will know that the four loves of my life are my three cherubs (Noah, Little Madam and Chilled out Boy) and Multiple Daddy! But from all the picture you have seen, can you tell whose eyes belong to who? So I am giving you a match it game – So the top one is A and then B, C and D.

Beautiful Eyes Multiple Mummy The Gallery

Comment below and let me know your thoughts?

Here is a clue! Tell me how little boys deserve lashes like that?

Beautiful eyes, Multiple Mummy, The Gallery

Gorgeous eyes!

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