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Back To Normality (Pull yourself together woman!)

It is like I have been hit by a freight train! One week with the assistance of my lovely husband and I had completely forgotten how hard three on their own are.  A bit like labour and forgetting the pain; it is only when you are there the second time you think, ‘How the hell did I let this happen – again!’ Then it is over and you have beautiful babes in arms and all is forgotten.
Accept mine aren’t in arms now. They are all walking, in separate directions I might add, all wanting a piece of Mummy, all trying to push boundaries, all wanting the same toy, and all undoing all that I am slowing achieving! Sometimes I feel terrible for willing nap time to come sooner! To top it off they were all whingey yesterday, and I think they were missing Daddy, which I then, terribly, take personally and think they don’t want to be with me.
Mayhem on Day One of back to normality!
Don’t get me wrong, this last week has been fabulous and for the first time in years, my husband and I have got the balance just right, between organised plans and a more relaxed schedule. With two pairs of hands, it is easier to dress, feed, lift and entertain. The problem is, as with any holiday, you relax and all the boring bits go out the window, like washing and ironing, beds, and housework plus my baby work load was halved. Returning to normality is not only hard, but now I am also behind! I felt so deserted yesterday and sometimes being a full time Mummy can be a little lonely, even though you are surrounded by children.
Now I am sure some Mummy’s and Daddy’s must be thinking ‘Stop moaning, at least you get to spend everyday with your children,’ and it is true, I do and for that I am very grateful, but please do not be under any illusion that everyday is like half term, because it can’t be. I know my husband, who adores our children and works, says he doesn’t think he could cope full time with them. Plus, surely I am also entitled to a bad day?
I also have a full week, with my first three nights taken up by tutoring, which is all very well to work, but you don’t feel as if you have had a break at all and my husband and I feel like ships that pass in the night.
Luckily last night I called in on a friend after tutoring who provided me with some yummy dinner. I cannot believe I have never discovered pesto with pasta before!! Wow it is yummy! That cheered me up and on my way home decided to pull myself together. The babies were probably feeding off my bad mood, and really it was me missing my husband more than them. They are great fun, and I need to stop worrying about what should be done, and concentrate on only what must be done. Easier said than done, but today is another day. Behind every cloud is a silver lining – by Thursday I should be back in the swing of things. Keep saying this Kerry, I can cope….I can cope…I can cope….
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6 comments to Back To Normality (Pull yourself together woman!)

  • Helen

    I'm often wishing nap time would come sooner, and I only have 1 toddler! There's nothing wrong in that, its not like we put our feet up when it does come around do we!!
    You can cope, and you always have twitter for company!


  • ritz

    Wow. All I can say is you're doing a great job. When my oldest was a baby, my friend and I would always console ourselves by saying, they're fed, clean(ish), have toys and activities and if there's no rain then the park! who cares about the mess or anything else. As hard as it is, in years to come you'll look back on this time and congratulate yourself on getting through it. And you know, it's easy for me saying this now…but those years to come, come by very quickly! x p.s Pesto Pasta is the best! Try adding roasted peppers and onions or chicken (if you're not a vegetarian)

  • multiplemummy

    Thank you ladies! I am feeling so much better now – think i was definately having a bad day!

    Will definately use the chicken! Yum.


  • sbooth

    Don't you ever doubt yourself honey, you're amazing and never cease to inspire me!

  • Naomi

    now that picture sure brings back memories and I so wish it was not still happening in our house. N x

  • Annette

    Of course you are entitled to a bad day! I think you are an absolute trojan!
    Brad lost his job in October, and unfortunately has still not been offered another job, despite countless applications and interviews… He has now been off work more than on since Reuben was born, and I have to say, I'm crapping myself! I mean obviously if he is offered a job and they ask him to start asap, he will take it, but in a selfish way, it's been great having him around. (Obviously a nightmare with the job situation though). Double-edged sword. As it is, I am going back part time in April… I think you're doing an amazing job, hon! xx

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