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Baby ‘No’ Show!

This year it will have been my fourth baby show and I luckily won tickets so to go. I have always raved about the baby show and was really excited to be going with two lovely girlfriends, plus a day out in London is always good fun.
We arrived early to avoid the crowds and we thought between us there would be so much to see and want. With five babies between us and my friend with her second on the way in June we were on a mission for the bargains and of course a few freebies! Both friends have also been before and, one to the
Earls Court

show and one to Birmingham. This time we were at Excel and we were keen to see what was on offer!

As far as a girly day was concerned we had a lovely time, but where was everybody? We had made it round the whole show by midday and were concerned that we had missed something vital but we hadn’t. On previous occasions of attending it has been an all day occasion (as your typical hardcore shoppers!).
We were impressed by Next with whom my friend had a maternity consultation, and chose a couple of key maternity pieces to see through her pregnancy. I was very excited to meet a lady in there who was also expecting twins in a month’s time and so we excitedly gabbled on about that. Ella’s kitchen also put on an excellent show.
The stands that were there put on a great show and as usual it was organised brilliantly, but it was so much smaller this year, with a significant proportion catered to those taking children with them, which of course I can see the importance of feeding and changing, but when I am on a day out without the babies (the irony being to going to a place about the babies I know!) you want to be able to concentrate and hold a conversation and therefore it took up valuable stool space I felt!
On previous occasions lots of the big companies were there, and this time round not so much. Maybe they were trying to allow smaller companies to stand a chance or maybe it was the credit crunch? As for freebie samples they were very limited this time and who doesn’t like coming home with a freebie! I wonder whether putting the show on three times a year is too much, or too costly for some companies?
For anyone that was going first time, the excitement of baby shopping will have taken over, but when I went first time I loved collecting all the different bits from the different stools so that I could work out what was the best when I got home and it will be a shame to think they missed out on that!
I can’t grumble in the sense that we had a fun day and all the companies that were there clearly worked hard, plus I had won tickets to go, but had I paid the £20 ticket price on the door to go I cannot help think I would have been somewhat disappointed! I did not feel it was value for money at all this time. As for the stools that offered a discounted price on the day, the money saved was minimal to the transport and entry costs to get there in the first place.
Still, I cannot imagine that when we have baby number four we will not be there, it is all part of the experience of a having a baby…lets just hope more of you are there next time! Previously it has been worth every penny and more!
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