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Baby Born Free Training Cup Review and Giveaway

After reviewing the fabulous Baby Born Free bottle, Baby Born asked if I would like to try the next stage up cups for the twins called training cups. Now, we have been having all sorts of issues with moving the twins on from bottles to cups. Holding them was not the issue, they just didn’t seem to be getting to grips with the new suction concept or the fact that you don’t really need to do it and so were sucking so hard no water was coming out! They were then getting thirsty and miserable and I was resorting back to bottles just to get some fluid in.
Baby born free highlighted that the training cups helped that interim phase from bottle to cup and so I jumped at the chance of giving them a whirl.
I am so thrilled with them that it is only fair to write a review about them, because if you have been having the same difficulties as me, I might have found your solution!
What you get?
The training cup consists 4 parts: of a 7oz. (220ml) cup, a soft spout lid, handles and low vacuum valve. They come in pink, blue, green and yellow and are priced at £6.99 each.
Ease of use
I have never needed to use measurements when going onto a cup as it was just for juice or water, but if you do intend to use it for formula milk there are measurement down the side which are slightly raised.
The cup fitted together easily and the handles move around so you are never struggling to try and put the handles and spout in line. The twins were able to hold them easily.
The spout is soft which worked brilliantly for my two as it was closer to a teat, but the cup and bottle parts are interchangeable so you can buy the hard spouts (free flow) separately to go onto the cup to change it into a drinking cup when you want to move them up to the next stage, which in my opinion is genius! Additionally the soft and hard spouts are chewy so help soothe a teething child. (My daughter is 17 months and still only has 5 teeth so this has been brilliant for us!)
The cups also have the low vacuum valve to create the Venting System that allows for a free flow of liquid and reduces vacuum build up which helps prevent colic build up, as the flow of the drink is not blocked. You just need to get into the habit of adding the vent. The additional advantage of the vent is that it reduces middle ear infections. Now I have no evidence to support this myself but I do know how painful an ear infection is having just got over one myself, so I am now a complete advocate in anything that might prevent my little ones for suffering from this. We all know that toddlers are very susceptible to ear infections.
Ease of drinking
The twins took to them instantly. Whether it was the suction mechanism of the spout of the fact that a vacuum didn’t build up, or a combination of both, I don’t know, but I do know it worked!  The proof is that I have now been able to move them up to drinking cups! Woo hoo! Plus if we ever go to friends who offer drinks I do not have to worry if I have taken my own cups now, as they can drink from any.
Cleaning is easy. They wash up by hand well and go in the dishwasher with no problems.
They are sold at Boots, Mothercare, John Lewis, Amazon, and ToysRus.
You can find Baby born free at
Or twitter @BabyBornFreeUK
Or facebook BabyBornFree-UK
Key Positive
The soft spout and not being free flow with the air, meant the twins did not have to get use to non- sucking straight away and could give the spout a good chew!
Key negative
They are slightly more expensive than other training cups, but they are worth every penny!
5/5 Stars
I was so thrilled with these cups that I wanted to give one away so I asked born free if this was possible and they have happily obliged!
So this is your chance to win a Baby Born Free Training Cup.
All you need to do to enter is one or all of the actions below. Each action will gain you one entry. Please make sure you leave a comment telling me each action you take or your entries will not be valid & please make sure you leave me a way of contacting you either email or twitter. Can you also add the colour of the cup you would like if you win? Thank you x
  • Like Baby Born Free on facebook and tell them I told you to follow
  • Or Follow Baby Born Free by twitter and tell them I told you follow
  • Bonus entry: It is not compulsory to follow my blog but if you like it I would be very grateful if you did!
  • Bonus entry: Tweet ‘I really want to win @BabyBornFreeUK starter cup on @MultipleMummy blog ‘
Good luck! Closing date is 1st April 2011 at . The winner will be drawn by random on 2nd April 2011. I will then contact you if you are the lucky winner.
If you don’t reply with your address within 5 days another winner will be selected at random. Entry is only open to those with a UK delivery address. The above actions entitle you up to a maximum of four entries. Multiple Mummies’ decision is final. x
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