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Baby Born Free Bottle Review

I was given the lucky opportunity to trial two of the Baby Born Free leak proof anti colic BPA free bottles last year when the twins were only 5 months old. Their aim is to reduce the painful symptoms of colic and wind. Any Mummy or Daddy, that has been up in the night trying to resettle a colicky baby knows how difficult it can be, and anything that might ease this from happening in the first place would seem a result.
What you get
They consist of five parts, bottle, teat and teat holder, air vent and lid. We had the plastic ones but they also come in glass. They are 100% BPA-Free and are also free from pthalates and PVC. There are five different teat flows you can buy.
They come in Twin packs
9oz = £13.99
5oz = £12.99
Ease of use
I have to say that we took to them instantly and they did exactly what they said on the tin. I know it sounds strange but I liked the feel of them, they felt very natural and comfortable to hold, which is good if you have a slow feeder and are sitting there longer than 20 minutes!
The measurements on the side were clear and the neck is wide so if you are using formula milk, it is easy to add the powder. The bottles are easy to assemble too. They do have a slight tinge to the colour, but I always found that other bottles I used stained really easily anyway so don’t let that be a put off.
The bottles did not leak and the lids felt very secure and seemed to click on rather than suck on which I preferred. Just don’t be a complete dopey Dora like me and forget to put the air vent in! This resulted in a complete leakage issue because it is the crucial part of the bottle that reduces the colic symptoms by preventing a vacuum build up in the bottle, and without it, your hungry babies suck against the vacuum and causes the teat to misplace. You will however only do it once but is an easy mistake when in a hurry. If it is the only bottle you use you to you will just get used to the system of putting it together.
Ease of Colic symptoms
We found that both babies seemed to feed at a smoother pace, Zachary always faster than Florrie, even though they had the same teats. We also felt that both babies settled very quickly again following a feed. If they did have wind it was resolved very quickly.  
Saying this I found that early evening and onwards was our tough time, when the unsettledness seemed to kick in, so we used these bottles for the evening feeds when the colicky symptoms seem worse. We were quite lucky to not have very colicky babies but they were windy and there was definitely less wind and less sick when feeding with the baby born bottle. The twins also learnt to hold them first very quickly over other bottles. This may have been their natural instinct to get food because they were sick of waiting for Mummy to feed one and then the other, or Mummy’s rubbish feeding when trying to feed both at once but they did hold these bottles first!
Cleaning was no more complicated than any other bottle and once washed they all went into the sterilise unit anyway. We had a steam sterilise unit and they fitted with no problems. They hand washed and dishwasher cleaned well.
They are sold at Boots, Mothercare, John Lewis, Amazon, and ToysRus.
Also look at the Baby Born Free Website
Key Positive
They do what they say on the tin and provide a more comfortable feed for baby and parent
Key negative
They are more expensive than other bottle packs which will put people off on a budget.
We would definately purchase them next time round (no I am not mad and yes I do want four!)
= Excellent
Note = Key to stars
1 = Poor
2 = Average
3 = Good
4 = Excellent
5 = Outstanding
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