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Baby Bath Time Frenzy!

I was so grateful that my Mum came to stay with me after BBwas born. I was completely clueless to all the first of everything, because you are out of hospital so quickly now! I was nervous about bathing as I had this tiny little baby that I was still a little cautious to hold and now I was expected to dunk him in water one handed so I could wash him with the other. Mum and I decided to take the task on together but she warned me she was out of practice!

Oh my; we were ridiculous! We ended up not very organised, with a naked newborn baby who promptly decided to poo everywhere! I handed BBto my Mum so I could wash my hands but more came out all down Mum’s Jeans and top. These then had to come off! The final straw was the doorbell going and it was the midwife coming for her home visit. Mum managed to grab some new clothes and answer the door, and I had to clean up the poo mess before she witnessed the chaos that had evolved!

After about a month I managed to get more organised and the hang of things but I ditched the baby bath very quickly. It only really works it if it is on a stand at your height, and there is nowhere to put the things you need. Filling and emptying is a nightmare. I found a shallow bath with a baby rest on the floor so you were hands free was the best method. This met they could have a kick about and you could wash without worrying you were going to drop or dunk!

Then the twins arrived and it all changed again! When the three of them were babies there was no alternative but to bath them separately as they were not able to support themselves at all and it would have been too dangerous, but now they can all go in together.

Bathtime for three under two an half is always my most entertaining part of the day. It is a crucial part of their routine and really helps in the run down to bed. My only issue is that by the time it is all finished I am exhausted and looking for the duvet too. Bath time, require a lot of energy but for me it is my most happiest apart of the day! They love the water, it changes their mood, I start to relax, and it is perfect!

We start bath time at half past five after the mess of teatime. Our bath is really strange and we have to run the taps separately and I have to remember each time to run the cold tap first because now I have three toddlers all wanting to climb, I don’t want any burns from climbing straight into a hot bath.

Organisation is key to the operation! I bath all three babies at the same time – it become a multitude of splashing, bubbles, bath toys and babies and I tend to take off a few layers myself to avoid the soaking wet phase! (Mine are still getting to grips with little splashes!)  So I bring the changing mat, towels, PJ’s, nappies, cream and talc all into the bathroom. All three babies are lifted in the bath.

We line up the ducks and sing ‘five little ducks went swimming’ at the tops of their voices (well BBand I do and the twins just giggle) and then we play tea parties, pretending to make cups of tea in the bath. I have always been very lucky when it come to body and hair washing; as long as BBis given some product on his hand so he can do it himself as well he loves it, and he has never been worried about water over his face. We just make it quite a swift process for all three.

All three clean their teeth in the bath, and think it’s funny with Mummy singing ‘Brusher Brusher Brusher!’ like some complete Grease freak!

Then it is dress and dry time! I always stay in the bathroom. BBcomes out first because sometimes he can get little rough being the older one and the twins quite like some quiet bath time! Then I get Chilled Out boy out and dry with a swift nappy on and left to crawl and then Little Madam. I can then get all three dressed without worrying they are in the bath too long, particularly now as they like to stand which adds to the potential of slipping over.

Operation multiple bath time is complete! The children play upstairs and Mummy crashes on the floor in a crumpled heap but totally contented!

Bath Time Frenzy, Multiple Mummy


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6 comments to Baby Bath Time Frenzy!

  • sbooth

    I don't know how you do it Kerry, you're amazing!
    Now the boys are a little older and we have 'MY' fabulous big jacuzzi bath, (Which I've always wanted, but seems to have been taken over!) bathtimes are SO much fun! The boys have enough room to zoom around and love turning the jets on and pretending to be water-based super heroes! JetMan and SuperSplash being just two of the inventive names they've given themselves! Logan can dry and dress himself and loves doing his own talc and cream (That's the messiest part now!)so he does that while I dry Lincoln, it's so much easier nowadays! I must say, when Lincoln was newborn, I found a fab changing table (Mamas and Papas, £74.99)that had a flip-top lid, revealing a baby bath, which was quite large so I used it for quite a while. As it had a place to put products round the edge and 2 shelves below and was good height for me to stand at, it was a Godsend! xx

  • Liska

    saw your post on BMB.
    We have the same blog background :-)

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Wow I hold my hat off to you with 3 under 2! looking forward to reading more posts…


  • Mummy@Bod for tea

    My goodness you have it down to a military manoeuvre! I was wondering how to do it with two let alone three. Well done you 😀 Visiting you from BMB by the way *waves*

  • notyetayummymuumy

    Wow and I'm tired after bathing just the one, sounds like you really do need tentacles! Loving your blog and looking forward to reading more. You're a few months ahead of me so hopefully can pick up some good ideas x

  • Annette

    Hehehe! Sounds like a lot of exhausting fun! Brad always bathed Reuben until he was about 6 months old, as he was always a real wriggler, and I was just so worried! I'd always be there splashing and helping Brad wash him, but not until he was sitting up did I have the confidence to do it myself!
    The poo story cracked me up – you poor thing! I can just imagine it….!!

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