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An Unexpected Day of Relaxation (The Gallery)

The Gallery - An unexpected day of relaxation, Multiple Mummy

I remember this day so clearly. It was the first day in 2 years with the three children that my husband and I have felt relaxed with them and I mean, sit back, watch and observe, breathe and be truly relaxed.

We are not stress heads or flappers, although we do beat to our own drum and have our own time scale (but then timing goes out the window with children anyhow) however the last two years have been full on and non stop. As soon as we had three children moving, so were we, like shepherds  constantly rounding up the herds to ensure no-one comes to harm or danger.

This day was totally unexpected day of relaxation.

It looks like your usual typical summers day where everyone is down on the beach enjoying the fun.

Actually, not quite so…it was October this year. October! A heat wave hit us for one strange weekend and that afternoon we decided to pack up and head to the beach.

We were not the only family with this plan, however we were the only family who did not mind being more than five minutes away from an ice-cream stand and so we ended up having a whole beach to ourselves.

Not only that, but Little Madam fell in love with the sand. A little girl who is as robust and daredevil as a boy, and is constantly on the go, sat down and played quietly all by herself. It was a pleasure to watch.

In the mean time, BBcollected shells (more like buckets of shingle actually!) like a boy possessed completely independently and Chilled Out Boy and Daddy played in the sea.

For the first time in two years I sat down, kicked of my shoes and watched. Watched, delighted, enjoyed and loved every scrap of my beautiful family.

There are days when I panic about them getting older, and days like this day when I realise it is all part of the journey.

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