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An Elephant Tribute! Pink Chillies – A review

We are a family totally obsessed with elephants. Elephants are my Mother in Laws favourite animal and she has been to Africa a number of times to see them on safari. We sponsored an elephant for her for her birthday one year as well.

They hold a special place in the hearts of my husband and I as we got the lucky opportunity to ride one whilst in Thailand on our honeymoon. Whilst staying in the hotel there we both fell in love with the same photograph print of elephants taken there, that was being displayed in an art exhibition and so we brought it home with us as our treasured memory.

When I got approached by Pink Chillies to review some of their Elephant themed products I could resist after looking at the website and especially as I found out they give money to elephant charities. Pink Chillies was launched this year by Suzanne Till, Lucy Setters and Bev Wilson.  Suzanne said: “We love elephants and the company was created out of love for these animals, their habitat and our desire to make a difference to their lives.  Pink Chillies embodies a modern concept coupled with a deeper, but not too heavy, message about the importance of the endangered animals and their habitat, hence the charity connection.  It is appealing to not only children but to teenagers and adults too.”

They are a small company aimed at raising awareness of elephants and the issues facing them and donate 10% of their profits to charity including ‘The elephant Family’ and ‘Tusk’. Their products feature two themes of their African elephant Etana which is an orange Elephant and Aditi their Indian Elephant who is pink.

Currently they have a range of the cutest Tote bags, one of which I got to sample, some beautiful stationary and a delicious white chocolate elephant!

An elephant Tribute Pink Chillies, Multiple Mummy

All the prices are very reasonable and range from £2.50 to £10.00 and would make great gifts for girls birthday parties, but actually I know my Mother in law would love the bag for herself!

An elephant Tribute Multiple Mummy


They are also awaiting the arrival of their plush toy range which will include Etana and Aditi.

I am really fond of this range. You can find out more about Pink Chillies on their website and twitter.


I received a tote bag and one chocolate for the purpose of this review.


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