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An Easter Egg Hunt with George at ASDA

BBstill talks fondly of the Easter Egg hunt I did for him last year and is very excited that the bunny is coming soon. I must admit I love an Easter egg hunt, and so when I was contacted by George at Asda to let you lovely lot know about an Easter Egg hunt competition I could not resist.

First of all I was given the tasks to put together an Easter Sunday look for one of the children with clothes to the value £20. For anyone that has not shopped for kids at Asda, you really must! Not only is it amazing value but the quality of clothes is phenomenal. It was not an easy task as there was so much to choose from, and online they stock more than you would see in the store, but after careful consideration I narrowed the outfit choice down for Little Madam, as the poor girl really does get the bare minimum when it comes to girls clothes and unlike her twin brother does not get the same hand me downs either!

I opted for the most beautiful dress with a Wendy from Peter Pan style collar, and teamed this with a matching cardigan (to sort those cooler days with the short sleeves) and little pink canvas shoes. Put together I think it looks just gorgeous and surely despite the short hair, no one can mistake my little girl as a boy in this outfit! We decided to set out on our own Easter Egg hunt.

An Easter Egg Hunt with George at Asda, Multiple Mummy

The start of an easter egg hunt!

An Easter egg hunt with George at Asda, Multiple Mummy

There are definitely not enough eggs in my basket!

An Easter egg hunt with George at Asda, Multiple Mummy

Back on the search!

An Easter egg hunt with George at Asda, Multiple Mummy

Egg or a stone? Mmmm


An Easter egg hunt with George at Asda, Multiple Mummy

Yep...I am bored of looking cute now!


An easter egg hunt with George at Asda, Multiple Mummy

How many?

So now, for the really fun bit! You can see a photo that has a certain number of eggs in it (we were gutted they were not chocolate ones!). How many are there? Great you’ve got that number! Well I am one of 16 bloggers taking part in this Asda task and each has been given a different number of eggs. All you have to do is find and add up the total number of eggs or make a guess and fill in the rafflecoptor form below. Five Asda gift cards worth £20 are up for grabs and you could buy this cute outfit with it, or another of your choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So on a final note…do you think she looks cute and like a girl? x

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