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How to make Pirate Straw toppers.

BBand the twins had a friend come to play this week, and they were very excited as she has just fallen in love with Pirates too. So a whole morning of pirate led activities started, with getting dressed up, building a pirate ship from cushions and a table, walking the plank, and dancing to Jake and the Never land Pirate theme song, but the activity they loved the most was making Pirate straws, so they could drink their chocolate milkshakes.

They were really simple to make and actually I think they would be a great party activity if you had all the pieces prepared in advance.

What you need.

2 different coloured pieces of card – we opted for gold and yellow



Pirate skull and cross-bones printed out from the computer (small size)


How to make!

1. Firstly I cut them out squares in the gold at 6cm x 6cm

2. We placed a straw in the middle of the back of one of the pieces of gold card and then glued the back of the other the stick on top to form a straw sandwich. Be careful not to squash the straw in the centre. I also found a little bit of sticky tape each side helped

3. I then cut out 5cm x 5cm squares in the yellow card and the kids stuck them into the centre of the gold both sides.

Pirate straw toppers, Multiple Mummy

Little Madam loving the gluing and can you see Chilled out boy waiting his turn!

4. I then cut out the skull and cross-bones for them and they stuck that on the squares where they wanted.

Pirate straw toppers, Multiple Mummy

The skull stuck on top!

5. They put glue on the top and then dipped in glitter.

Pirate straw toppers, Multiple Mummy

All glittered up!

All done, a very simple pirate straw topper and according to the children it made the chocolate milkshake taste even nicer!

Pirate straw toppers, Multiple Mummy



Pirate straw toppers, Multiple Mummy

...the milkshake tastes better!


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