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A Winter’s Breakfast – Weetabix Review!

I have been having difficulties with breakfast. The children are very hungry in the mornings but finding something filling and nutritious that they like is proving tough. They don’t mind cereal but only without milk on it. This is VERY messy and I end up we cereal grains or flakes everywhere that need to be hoovered up.

Toast is just not a worker at all for them – they pick about at it until it has gone soggy and then dont want it. I think that bread still sticks to the roof of their mouths and then they gag on it.

One out of the three doesn’t like eggs and 2 will eat bananas but one won’t touch them! After their pathetic attemp at breakfast, by 9.00am they are asking for another snack.

The saving grace has been Weetabix. I don’t know why but the twins will eat it with milk on it. BBstill refuses the milk but has it with his Daddy’s strange mix of butter and marmite on it! Very odd.

A Winter's Breakfast - Weetabix review

Weetabix suggested to me to try it with milk on and hot! With the winter months drawing in closer by the second and with all the snow this week, a nice hot breakfast to start the day is perfect and for a Mummy that often skips lunch, having something filling and that last energy wise is perfect for me. I loved it (especially with a bit of sugar on top). BBwould not try it because ‘it has milk on it!” and the twins started to like it but they eat so slowly it did become a little soggy after a few minutes and then they were put off, so we stuck with the cold milk for them.

A Winter's Breakfast - Weetabix Review

However, Weetabix also sent a kiddy reserve. Their new spoon size weetabix with chocolate in it! I am not normally a fan of chocolate cereals as they are very sugary and the energy is short lived, but I was really impressed with this.

So were the kids. It did not touch the sides and they all finished their bowlful which is something I have never seen. I was so impressed.

A Winter's Breakfast - Weetabix Review

I have been wanting to kick start the new year with  a healthy breakfast and weetabix seems the perfect way to do this.

Benefits include:

  • Weetabix provides slow release energy that will keep you fuelled up for the day – needed as a busy mummy of three under three!
  •  Weetabix is a great source of fibre which helps keep tummies healthy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle – well we all like a good bowel movement and BBhas been suffering recently and this might assist!
  • Weetabix is low in sugar – (not brilliant that i put some on top then?)
  • 2 Weetabix are only 134 calories (excluding milk) – whoo hoo! Semi skimmed then.
  • 2 Weetabix biscuits is the perfect portion so you’ll find it hard to pour too much into your bowl! – I can however easily eat three – I am a breakfast person ok!
  • If you’re following a diet with the likes of Weight Watchers or Slimming World you get more for your points! My friend swears by this an she is on slimming world!

Our family are huge Weetabix fans and we get through boxes of them – probably at least 12 weetabix a day! My children will also have them as a snack and in their lunchboxes instead of a sandwich. I have since discovered the chocolate Weetabix, but they are a real treat!

A Winter's Breakfast - weetabix review

Enjoying their mornings weetabix!

You can follow Weetabix on Twitter and on Facebook!


We were sent a box of Weetabix and a box of spoonsize for the purpose of this review.










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