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A Valentines Treat from Warner Brothers

It is always exciting when the door bell goes in the morning knowing it is the post man. It is even more exciting when he has a really large parcel in hands. Being Valentines Day I assumed that my husband had gone out of his way and surprised me with something we can’t actually afford, but was being romantic, but his face was as surprised as mine at the parcel.

Inside was a big red box with lots of sparkly confetti hearts which sprinkled all over my floor but I have collected them up for some kiddy craft at a later date!  Inside the box was a Valentines ‘Romantic Comedy’ Package.

When Warner brothers asked me to review their ‘Rom Com’ DVD package I did not expect such a special treat – Warner Brothers you are real romantics and totally swept me off my feet.

Inside were the following DVD’s

Midnight in Paris – The award nominated film that was released at the beginning of this month. I have not seen this film yet, so it might be tonight’s treat!

Valentines Day – This was lasts years Valentines rental and I loved it. Very cheesy but exactly what you expect from a happy snuggly Malteaser eating Valentines movie.

Casablanca – It is the 70th Anniversary of this film, and one that I never have to persuade my husband to watch. Of all the romantic films this is a true classic and a must see film. Just so you know, the line ‘Play it again Sam’ was not said by Bogart. It is the worlds most misquoted line from a film. He actually says ‘You played it for her, you can play it for me.’

The Bodyguard – one of my most favourite films from my teenage years. You cannot beat a bit of Cosner. Here Is Whitney in her element, may she rest in peace.

Crazy Stupid Love – A film on my to do list!

Going the Distance – Another film I have yet to see

The Lake House – The one that everyone has told me to watch. I fear I may need tissues for this one.

Additionally I got a ‘Crazy for You’ bag which shall be seeing me through the summer and a pretty heart-shaped compact mirror and a big packet of Malteasers – my favourite.

A valentine treat from warner brothers

Oh what a treat!

My husband did his pretend roll of the eyes but I know that he secretly quite enjoys a romantic movie and snuggle up. It is also going to be my fab viewing for the next few weeks whilst completing the forever filling ironing pile!


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