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A precious memory captured forever

Anyone that knows me will know how unbelievably sentimental I am and how much I like to take a precious memory and capture it forever. I keep scrapbooks for the children, I make photo-books, I keep cards, I am a hoarder of memories.

This week’s Gallery theme is summarising just that – it was World Photography Day on Friday and this is the theme for this week which aims to highlight how lucky we are to have photographs that capture such special moments that we can treasure forever.

As Tara’s blog quotes:

‘Today, we take our photographs for granted. But next time you’re flicking though photos from your last holiday, remember that there was once a time when photography didn’t exist. A time when those precious moments couldn’t be captured, uploaded and shared.’

Like Tara at Sticky Fingers the thought is too much to bare!

So I bring you this from my weekend!


A precious memory captured forever, Multiple Mummy, London

Our first family visit to the Capital!

As far as photography goes it is quite simple because trying to get three under three to pose for a camera at the same time at Westminster is near on impossible but these are the most precious people in my life captured in one photo: my darling husband, our beautiful boy BBand delightful twins Little Madam and Chilled Out Boy.

This was taken on Saturday on our first visit to London as a family, and our first train trip as family from the Essex coast and we braved the tubes with a toddler and double buggy with success. The children were amazing and we had a fabulous day. We were all exhausted on the way home but this picture encapsulates everything, where we were, how old they were and it triggers so much already – the smell of the roasted nuts on the bridge, the chime of Big Ben and Noah’s face as he saw someone dressed up as the Queen! it is also a precious place for me as it is where my husband proposed.  So a simple photograph that takes a precious memory and captures it forever!



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