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A Morning of Mummy Indulgence

I was invited by the lovely team from Maidenform to attend a pamper morning at the Chelsea Day Spa. It was a morning of pure Mummy indulgence, whereby I received a manicure, a bespoke makeover and a shape wear fitting.

Maiden-form is a brand that specialises in shape wear which are basically the undergarments you wear to suck you and make you look a dress size smaller. The difference with these garments is that they are not your Bridget Jones big knickers style, they are in fact very attractive, sexy pieces, that are comfortable to wear all day, over the top of your usual underwear and enhance your shape. Perfect for a Mummy, who has pushed out three babies and is constantly aware of her tummy and the lack of *cough, ahem* tone that it has!

The morning started off with a little talk about the brand. They have been working alongside Janie Bryant who designs costumes for the award winner drama Mad Men to ensure that the pieces are not only wearable, but beautiful. Ensuring a good fit of the garments is crucial and they have their brilliant Bod squad to help. I had never heard of the brand before, but it was established in 1922 by three seamstresses who wanted to break free from the idea of flat chest. Shape wear has evolved from years of underwear development.

I first went into have my makeover done. It was here that I received a consultation from cosmetics a la carte whereby they mixed a foundation that matched my skin perfectly. I have always had trouble with foundation as my skin is so fair, that often even light foundations can make it look yellow. They then did sultry eyes and fab lips and I came out of the room feeling totally glam. Super amazing Mum who was with me even opted to not have her classic red lipstick! She looked gorgeous.

A Morning of Mummy Indulgence Multiple Mummy

Me all made over!

I then went for my fitting and the first piece of shape wear we were given was a waist nipper from the Pretty Collection range – it was so comfy and yet genius as it is once of those item that would go discreetly under a dress and you would not feel like you have to suck your tummy in all night. It not only looks fab, but enhances confidence and self-esteem. It does not roll down and stays firmly in place making. One that does not stay put, we were informed is a sign of a wrong fitting.

A morning of Mummy Indulgence - Multiple Mummy

The Shape wear range!

I was allowed to choose another item. Unfortunately with three kiddies, going out is rare and far between so I opted for the Yoga Trousers and vest top which is from the Fat Free dressing range. The trousers have a supporting middle band that keeps your tummy tucked in (almost like pregnancy trousers but does the reverse, rather than stretching out they pull in!) – no longer do I have walk into an exercise class feeling tummy conscious. The vest top then enhances to give a smooth back and nipped in waist. It has a double layered effect so it looks like you have two tops on.

Finally I had my manicure, whereby they made my very bitten (almost rotten) fingernails and made them look feminine. Clever!

A morning of mummy indulgence Multiple Mummy

Superamazing Mum being manicured!

I went on with my day in London, feeling very pampered and well looked after and needless to say, hubby is a fan of the waist nipper!

A morning of mummy indulgence Multiple Mummy


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