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A little bit of Vintage!

This is Little Madam on her Christening Day.

Vintage, Christening gown, Multiple Mummy, The Gallery

My little vintage lady!

She is wearing one of my most treasured possessions.

It’s the Christening gown that has been worn now by 5 generations. It was my great Grandad’s christening gown who was born in 1899 and it was made by his sister who used to work for Singer sewing machines. So really fitting for Tara’s vintage theme over on sticky fingers don’t you think?

Technically (because it was made pre 1920’s) it is actually considered an antique piece of clothing rather than vintage but to be worn second hand is also a definition of vintage and it was worn during the period of the 1920’s and because it is so stunningly beautiful I am sticking with it.

It has remained in such pristine condition looking sparkling white considering that the fabric is very delicate.

The gown has been worn by a number of members of the family but has been passed down and worn by my Great Grandad, to my Grandma, My Mum, (although my Grandma claims she was a very fat baby and they could not do it up at the back!) me and finally Little Madam.

I have managed to wash it and store it again and hope to keep it in a good enough condition so that Little Madam’s children will be able to wear it too.

Don’t you think in this one she could be a 1920’s baby?

Vintage, Christening, MultipleMummy

My porcelain doll!

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P.S can I just add that I have moved blog address (I am now a dot com) and as such have lost everyone…I feel very lonely out here on my own so if you would like to follow me again or subscribe you would cheer me right up! x

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