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A little bit of heaven with Hotel Chocolat!

Chocoholic is a word that does not really do me justice. If I could live healthy on a diet of chocolate I would. My favourite hot drink is hot chocolate and anybody that knows me knows I will choose that over wine, chocolate over sweets and chocolate pudding over dinner!

Hotel Chocolat has been in my life for a few years now. My sister in law introduced me to it, when she sent my husband and I a slab as a thank you gift one year. Yes I said a SLAB of chocolate! It was sex in a sleeve.

Multiple Mummy Advent Calendar

Then when I fell pregnant with the twins I was so sick with hyperemsis. I could not eat a thing, and I missed my chocolate. My father in law in true sympathy promised me some Hotel Chocolat once I had the babies and true to his word he brought me in a slab! I think I ate it in 2 days, but I hadn’t really eaten for nine months so it’s allowed, ok!

When it was revealed that Hotel Chocolat were looking for testers I kept my fingers crossed and said my chocolate prayers every evening in the hope I would be picked! I was – it has made my year.

Selecting was tricky – I wanted to try a bit of this and a bit of that! So I opted from their extensive range for the Classic Christmas Basket.  Basically a hamper full of chocolate – heaven! Priced at only £35 I think this would make not only a lovely gift but also an amazing table piece for the after dinner, cheese biscuits and chocolates!

A little bit of heaven with Hotel Chocolat

The Luxurious Classic Christmas Basket!

It includes my favourite! Hot chocolate. This is basically grated chocolate that melts into milk, so in fact liquid chocolate! It is titled Winter Liquid chocolate because it is flavoured with orange and chilli. It is the perfect afternoon winter warmer with a movie drink. It tastes like chocolate orange with a little kick to it with the chilli so it is not at all sickly. It is delightful!.

This is accompanied with Orange nice spice puddles! The children thought these were chocolate buttons, but I would not share! Oh no, call me evil, but these are Mummy’s chocolate buttons, that are delicious because they are milk chocolate, my favourite and in fact even better dipped into the hot chocolate!

A little bit of heaven with Hotel Chocolat

My Puddles...all mine!

Next come the Cinnamon Almonds. I am not an almond fan myself usually, but these are a bit nice. The nut is disguised well in the cinnamon chocolate and my husband claimed they were delicious. Needless to say I did not see many of these.

Then the Tiddly Reindeer! A little treat for the kiddiwinks in theory but they only sampled one each! My husband took a real liking to them but said he would prefer them in dark chocolate and have since seen on the website that they do them in dark chocolate so that shall be a little stocking filler I will purchasing. Shhh don’t tell!

Finally, the alternative mince pies are the cutest ever! I hate real mince pies – yuk! I always feel hard done by when nothing else is on offer but if these were handed out as an alternative, well…OH…MY…..HEAVEN! Filled with praline and salted caramel they are pure indulgence and although not lady like I can eat them in one!

A little bit of heaven with Hotel Chocolat

Only 2 Left! Whoops!

So there we have it my Hotel Chocolat heaven experience. You can find them on twitter, Facebook and their website, which I really suggest you check out the christmas section, filled with amazing ideas. I am loving the Crackers as something a bit special to have on the table and am hoping I have hinted towards the advent calendar enough!


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