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A Happy Memory

To pick one happy memory…just one? Impossible. I am sorry it really is. I can’t lie or pretend otherwise, I have been very fortunate and blessed with my life. Not with material things (we have never had money) but it is true that money can’t buy happiness because I could not be happier.

Don’t get me wrong, there are down days, and frustrated days and tired days but that is life, but at some point during the course of my day, good or bad, something always reminds me I am happy. That ‘memory’ of happiness is seen in those that surround me – the loves of my life.

My husband,

A Happy Memory

The kids happiness oozes out when with Daddy!

and My babies,

A Happy Memory multiple mummy

I adore that face!

A Happy Memory Multiple Mummy

In for a kiss!

A Happy Memory Multiple Mummy

My Giggler!

Call me corny, call me sentimental but every moment of my adult happiness from the age of 18 has been wrapped up in them.

Not a day goes by when one of them doesn’t smile or giggle at me to show their happiness. And every time one of them show me their happiness I remember our wedding day, or their births or Peppa Pig world, or their first swimming moment, or their first step or our first kiss, or our proposal and even my blog…..need I go on – it is all because of them and so how could I pick just one happy memory over any other.

And that is what sums it up; their happiness is my happiness. It is home to me!


This is part of Tara at Sticky Fingers The Gallery – Go and see some other entries!


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