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A Dinosaur Adventure!

The summer holidays have started and I am very excited as my husband is off work for six weeks (the joys of being a teacher) and we get the summer holidays together as a family.

This all started yesterday with our first day out to a Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norwich. The day was brilliant – we set out at nap time so that the kiddies slept in the car on the way there and we took a picnic to have when we arrived.

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy

Looking a bit skinny!

The place had been recommended to us by a friend who had raved about it, and because BB is a really enjoying the film ‘The Land before Time’ – a film I loved when I was a little girl we thought he might quite enjoy some dinosaurs. He was thrilled to be seeing Little Foot and the Sharp tooth!

It was more complicated to get there than we thought as we relied on google maps and it sent us down all sorts of lanes and wiggly winding roads but we got there eventually and argument free!

As we drove in we passed a giant dinosaur in the field next to us and Noah’s face was a picture. I wish I had captured it.

Once inside you are given a booklet whereby you collect stamps as you go around the park and once you get them all you get a medal on the way out. BB was so excited by this idea, it kept him focused and wanting to see everything in order to get the stamps.

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy, Medal

BBproudly showing his medal!

The park has lots of outdoor adventure parks including an Arachnophobia web, a ‘Climb-a-suarus’ and an ‘Assault-o-saurus!” plus a toddler adventure park and a brand new Dinomite indoor play area. We actually did not make it inside this part but my friend who went said it was brilliant. There are three walks through the woods where you can find stamps and search for all the fabulous dinosaurs. It was a walk back in time.

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy, Tree

Daddy and BB hiding from the dinosaurs – not so quietly mind you!

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy

Don’t you just love the size difference?

One of the extra parts we did we did was the deer safari, but this does cost extra. I did feel that this should be included in the price, and because you have to sit still we found it a little tricky with the twins, but BB was very intrigued why the deer had sticks coming out their heads! They really were beautiful, came right up to the truck for food and I have never seen deer that up close before as they really are usually shy creatures. One of them was 17 years old and still had a baby this year!

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy

They all came running for food!

There were lots of picnic areas, but a lovely diner to eat in if you wanted to have a hassle free day – they will even make you up picnics in advance for when you get there if you wanted (at extra cost of course) but the option is there.

In addition there was an animal park with Wallabies, Pygmy goats and Donkey’s and other small mammals and reptiles, plus crazy golf, Raptor races and the animal encounters barn.

Activities are times throughout the day to watch or take part in as you wish and the whole place is open until 6pm.

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy

Mind the Sharp Tooth Daddy!

Dinosaur Adventure, Multiple Mummy

The Twins loved the walks!

We would definitely go again and think it is a place that your kids will grow into rather than grow out of.  It was such a lovely way to spend the day together as a family. a great start to the summer holiday for us!

For more information head to their website. They also have a facebook page.

Note: I was not asked to write this post and received no compensation for doing so. It is an account of a family day out and the opinions are all my own!






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