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A cinema first for Noah with The Muppets Movie!

Anyone who is a 70’s and 80’s child will remember and love The Muppets with complete fondness. Kermit the Frog, Fozzie the Bear and of course Miss Piggy can hardly be forgotten, but sadly they disappeared from our screens…until now that it! They are back and more adorable and as funny as ever!

Noah, like a lot of three-year old boys is a big fan of Disney…massive in fact!  One of Noah’s attributes is that he has good levels of concentration (basically meaning he can zone out when a bit of TV is on) and so when we were asked by Disney if we would like to attend the screening of the new The Muppets movie we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give BBis first ever cinema experience.

I was really excited about going because we had managed to arrange childcare for the twins (bless Nanny) and so it meant I could take up the rare opportunity to get some quality time with Noah. What made it even more special was that Multiple Daddy was coming along too, so BBgot to be really spoilt for the day.

The trains were all over the place so we drove to Newbury Park and tubed it in from there. BBwas most thrilled to be on a train that went through lots of tunnels. Multiple Daddy and myself were excited about the venue of the Empire Cinema at Leicester Square, as neither of us had been in there before.

After a quick breakfast and hot chocolate stop we took to the queue to go in. Obviously it was busy as they wanted a full theatre and I was relieved to see lots of young children in the queue and some clearly younger than Noah.

The auditorium was ‘enormous’ as BBdescribed and he loved that curtains covered the ‘TV’. We took part in the filming of the great ‘Mahna Mahna’ phenomena (that you can take part in too) and then the curtains opened.

A cinema first for BBwith The Muppets Multiple Mummy

BBwas mesmerised by the curtains!

A cinema first for BBwith The Muppets Multiple Mummy

A quick snap!

Much to Noah’s absolute delight, but they started with a short animation of Toy Story. It was fabulous. Then ‘The Muppets’ began.

A cinema first for BBwith The Muppets Multiple Mummy

Getting settled with Daddy

Totally tongue in cheek, with adult humour throughout with use of double entendres, whilst remaining totally appropriate for children, it was a pure delight. Witty, silly, cheesy, playful humour with a lot of musical numbers, it was fun-filled packed. Twenty minutes in I panicked that it would not be up multiple Daddy’s street at all, but sneaky peeks revealed he was enjoying it quite a lot.

A cinema first for BBwith The Muppets Multiple Mummy

Giggles over the Kermit cup!

The basic plot is that…

‘The world’s biggest Muppet fan, Walter, discovers a wicked plan to destroy the Muppet Theatre. Underneath the Muppets’ old stomping ground is a recently discovered oil field. To save the theatre, they need to raise $10 million. Walter, along with Gary and Mary, help Kermit to reunite the Muppets who are scattered around the world.’

BBwas brilliant throughout. From a three-year old perspective, the story line was, in honesty, too complicated to follow for his age group and trying to make him understand that in a cinema you can’t dance through every song was difficult. We particulary like the song ‘Am I am man or a Muppet!”

He got fidgety towards the end and he only understood the obvious humour like ‘fart shoes!’  I would also say it was probably twenty minutes to long for him, but then we did have Toy story first and all the waiting before it all started. He was very patient and did not ask to leave once (which for a three-year old is a good sign). I am convinced he would watch it again, and also feel he would grow into it more as well.

Maybe it is my childlike sense of humour, but it is a long time since a film really made me laugh out loud. I know I was enjoying it more because of Noah’s experience but it really would great comedic value.

A cinema first for BBwith The Muppets Multiple Mummy

A family snap after the show (can you tell he is tired?)

I think any child over the age of 6 would just absolutely love it, and you cannot help but fall in love with Walter, the new Muppet character that brings The Muppets back to us.

We didn’t get out of the cinema until one and so we left we a very hungry and very tired little boy (who has been awake since 6am and had travelled to and walked all over London). We stopped for some lunch (on special occasion such as this you can’t beat the chicken nugget shop!) and then did a little stop into The Disney Store.

We were all for looking at The Muppets goodies, but I am afraid to say that Jake and The Neverland pirates won over and so it was a colouring book bought instead. As we were paying the sales assistant got chatting to BBand then amazed us as he gave us some special edition Car prints for free. BBwas elated to be able to have some pictures to go in his bedroom! The service was superb.

So would I recommend The Muppets? – Oh yes, it is a must see.

If you want to see the trailer!

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