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A Breast History and Freya Blog Star Comp!

When I started blogging at the end of January this year I had no idea how much I was going to fall in love with it. I have never really had a hobby before, at least not one that I have been passionate about until now. When I saw on Face Book that Freya were looking for a fan and blog writer to help launch their new blog I thought I would give it a shot at the application as it seemed to combine two things I love – lingerie and blogging!
Well I cannot believe it but I received an e-mail this week telling me they loved my entry and that I was in the final four! It is now a vote off! Wow wee!

This was my entry- we only had 40 words!

‘I fell in love with Freya when…. I was 15. As my life has changed so have my boobs and Freya has evolved with me. From puberty, to breast feeding to my now shrivelled size. With twins and a toddler I wait for the sales but still love Freya with a passion.’

It is so true as well. My boobs and I have always had a bit of a love hate relationship! In the early days I hated them because they just would not grow, flat chested until 15. Then I went away on holiday with my family and they seemed to just sprout over night that at school everyone used to joke I had had a boob job. This was not so bad at a C cup but they didn’t stop there and finally at an E they came to a halt.

Now everyone thinks big boobs are great but when you 17, and all the bra’s that are available are granny style you begin to fret. Until I discovered Freya! It saw me through the large busted days, and then I fell pregnant and it saw me through my comedy busted days (ridiculous is all I can say!) through to breastfeeding and finally the aftermath of breast abuse that is the result of three little ones! I call them my strained tea bags as that is what they look like (nice image hey!). I finally have to admit they have also shrivelled!

But hey ho – us women have a life time of breast issues; too big, to small, different sizes and shapes, one green nipple, one purple (only teasing!) and we also have to monitor them to ensure nothing sinister arises which is another good reason for a decent fitting bra!

I really feel that having a little ‘breast history’ will help me see lingerie from all angles, not just from prettiness and style but to structure and support, comfort and price! It is in fact an essential item and we are all guilty of seeing lingerie as luxury!

So here is where I need your help – it is now a vote off. So please (pretty please) , if you think I could contribute well and deserve to win cast a vote for me Kerry on this link! Freya Blog Star

Closing for votes is 17th May!

I really really appreciate it!

Wish me luck


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