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When you see 11.11.11 written down it looks a little spooky. It is the kind of date set in films with the themed plot being the end of world. Yet, here we still are.

This year of 11.11.11 we saw in another Remembrance Day and payed tribute to our countries heros both past and present. We saw another sunrise and another sunset. We witness a cool fresh breeze, but with warm temperatures still for November, and for my family the significant event occurring on this date was my eldest son attending his afternoon at ‘big school!’ not only with me but also his Daddy!

We are vey lucky that we live on the road that the local primary school is on. Not only that our primary school does a pre-school induction into ‘big school’ by for the first 4 weeks before Christmas inviting all the children that are due to start school September 2012 to come in with their parents on a Friday afternoon and play for an hour and a quarter. After Christmas we get to leave them there on their own!

I had been quite nervous about this because BBis a summer baby and so has only just turned three. School in my head feels like it should still be 2 years away. 10 months is a frightening prospect. This induction however is brilliant, firstly it gets me use to the idea and secondly, for a little boy like Noah, who likes this to be routine and planned, it won’t be such an ordeal when September comes. It will be familiar, he will recognise the staff and some of the children and he will know the classrooms.

BBwho is currently obsessed with pirates, is thrilled that the emebelem for the school is an anchor! It is pirate school!

What made this afternoon extra special is that Daddy managed to get the afternoon off and came to play with BBand see what the school was like. He was most impressed by the diddy toilets! (They are very cute actually!)

So this is BBoutside the school on his first afternoon…at 3 years old! A little boy who I think will actually make the transition quite well (fingers crossed!).

It’s not great quality as it was taken on my iphone but it captures the moment!

11.11.11 Multiple mummy

Pirate School!



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